88% of Americans Are Losing Sleep from Binge-Watching a TV Series

88% of Americans Are Losing Sleep from Binge-Watching a TV Series

Did streaming The Crown or The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel keep you up late last night? And the night before? And the night before that?

You're not alone—but your TV binge-watching habit can wreak havoc on your sleep, which, of course, can impact your overall health. These findings come courtesy of a 2019 survey from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. In September, the professional organization polled 2,003 adults in the U.S. to look at the connection between sleep loss and streaming TV series, and other nighttime pastimes.

Based on the survey's findings, 88% of American adults have lost sleep due to binge-watching a TV show or streaming series. That number skyrockets to 95% when considering 18-to-44-year-olds. Other activities like playing video games and watching sports were also found to reduce the amount of sleep survey respondents got.

“It’s encouraging that Americans rank sleep as one of their highest priorities, but choosing to binge on entertainment at night instead of sleeping has serious ramifications,” said AASM President Dr. Kelly A. Carden in a company statement. “Sleep is essential to health, well-being and safety, and chronic insufficient sleep can lead to an increased risk of health problems, mood disorders and motor vehicle accidents.”

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Bottom line: Before you pick up the remote at night, you may want to think twice. Instead, opt for a soothing, hot bath—which researchers recently found may improve your sleep quality—or some breathing exercises instead.

What's your favorite tip to help you fall asleep at night?