80 Best Prom Instagram Captions To Fill Your Feed With Festivity and Fun as You Dance the Night Away

Dress up your photos with these perfect prom IG captions.

There are some photo-capturing occasions that are especially perfect for sharing on Instagram. For example, graduation, homecoming and prom are all memorable occasions when plenty of photos are taken. Right now, spring is in the air and that means prom is right around the corner. As you get ready to share your beautiful pics on Instagram, you'll want to find the perfect prom Instagram captions to go along with them. We'll make this nice and easy for you.

You are likely to have several group photos, solo shots (you have to show off that dress!), special date photos and even some that show off your great dance moves. While capturing these memorable photos may be pretty easy, coming up with a good caption to go with them can prove to be more difficult. That's why we're here to help you! We put together a variety of Instagram captions—all you have to do is pick one that best describes the photo that you are sharing. It can't get easier than that!

Here are 80 of the best prom Instagram captions to choose from. Use what you like or be inspired to come up with your own.

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Funny Prom Instagram Captions

1. Kicking up our heels.

2. Pre-prom: curls in place. Post-prom: hair in face.

3. Dancing to the beat of my own drum.

4. I was born to party!

5. I clean up pretty good, don't you think?

6. Dancing barefoot is best.

7. It only took me three hours to look this way.

8. Took 35 group photos and only this one turned out.

9. Looking glamorous at the pre-prom dinner....except for the bib.

10. Who knew we were such an awesome looking class?

11. You can do a lot with hairspray.

12. I prom-ised I would post this picture.

13. Lighting up the night.

14. Post-prom dancing in the street.

15. Do I look like a penguin in this tux?

16. Striking a pose with our prom crew.

17. We should dress up every day.

18. I feel like a Disney princess.

19. One big high school musical!

20. Glam girls.

21. We all are wearing invisible crowns.

22. They say it's our class but I don't recognize anyone.

23. I think I know what "two left feet" means now.

24. It's not every night that you are escorted in a limo.

25. My date in a tux....wowza!

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Cute Prom Instagram Captions

26. It was a magical night even without glass slippers.

27. Dancing the night away.

28. The night was like a dream come true.

29. I wish this night would have lasted forever.

30. Dancing in heels should be outlawed.

31. I never miss a chance to dance.

32. Last prom and feeling bittersweet.

33. Dressed to impress.

34. Dancing queen.

35. This night was unforgettable.

36. Someone pinch me.

37. Ahh...post-prom sweatpants.

38. It doesn't feel right doing the chicken in a formal dress.

39. Let's get this party started!

40. Making my feed glamorous.

41. My cheeks hurt from smiling so much.

42. Dancing to our favorite song.

43. I fell in love at prom.

44. Life is short and so is my dress.

45. Making memories on the dance floor.

46. Making the night amazing.

47. Ready, set, dance.

48. It's my last prom and I'll cry if I want to.

49. Getting our prom on.

50. Don't keep calm, dance like a maniac.

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Clever Prom Instagram Captions

51. Said yes to the (prom) dress.

52. Feeling like the star of the show.

53. Better late than ugly.

54. Here we are—classy, trashy and sassy.

55. Dancing fools.

56. Dressed up and somewhere to go.

57. Just trying to outshine the crowd.

58. Girls just wanna have fun.

59. Now playing: "Just Dance" by Lady Gaga

60. We're young, we're wild and we're free to dance.

61. Should have worn our sunglasses with all this shiny glam.

62. Who needs a date when I have all of my besties?

63. Having the time of our lives.

64. Shakin' our booties.

65. Making crazy memories.

66. This group is slaying it.

67. Definitely not overthinking dance moves.

68. Getting the move on to get our groove on.

69. When you spend two hours getting ready, you are getting photos.

70. The last dance of the night.

71. Dress: $200. Time together: priceless.

72. I love playing dress-up.

73. We make a prom-inent display on the dance floor.

74. It's the last prom and we are making it count.

75. I was born to be wild.

76. Having a ball!

77. "When you get the choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance."

78. What a celebration!

79. The best thing that happened to me is when he asked me to prom.

80. Strutting our stuff.

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