8 Sweet Signs Dogs Give to Show Who's Their Favorite Human

Finding out who your dog likes the best in the household always ends in a fight. It's back and forth between everyone saying, "No, he likes me more" and so on and so on. But there are signs that can truly determine who your dog likes the best.

TikTok user @olliepopmaltipoo shared 8 signs that you are your dog's favorite human and each sign is even more adorable than the last one. Take a look and find out how you rank in your dog's life!

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Phew, we got good news over here! We're our dog's favorite person. LOL! Not going to lie, we were a little nervous because our dog loves everyone but we still came out on top. The good news is that dogs love everyone still so don't get discouraged if you think your dogs don't like you.

"Yup, my dog loves my husband more. I'm just his spare person," said @rishatutorials. Aww! We know that's hard seeing a dog like someone else in the house more than you, but it doesn't mean they don't love you! Just as we have our favorite people in our lives, we still love everyone else. Or if you're still sad that you're not the favorite, maybe add another dog to the family. LOL!

@yuzzttt wrote, "My pup is currently laying on my lap after he wiggled himself into the most awkward spot, just to be with me. I wish pets lived as long as humans." Ugh, same! They're so cute and we want them by our sides forever! @priyankamaharaj_ added, "They don’t even know how precious they are to us." Right?! We need to tell them that more!

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