My 8-year-old daughter asked me to buy her a ouija board — should I?'

A mom wasn't sure whether or not she should buy her 8-year-old daughter a ouija board, and parents were split. Posted to the Subreddit r/Parenting, the mom explained the situation. "I have a ouija coffee mug I drink out of, which has led her to ask me about getting a ouija board". "I used to have one when I was younger, around 11 years old, and loved it. Nothing crazy ever happened from using it". "Is 8 too young to buy my daughter one, or should I just go for it?". Parents couldn't decide if the mom should buy a ouija board. "I think it’s fine, but I also don’t believe in ghosts or magic. It’s just another make- believe game to me," one Redditor replied. "Just make sure she is aware that some people find them unsettling for various reasons. you might get some pushback or comments from other parents," suggested one Redditor