8 Hilarious Cycling Instagram Reel Creators You Have to Follow

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8 Hilarious Cycling Instagram Reel CreatorsArtur Debat - Getty Images

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, burned out, or just in need of a quick pick-me-up, we have a list of content creators in the cycling world that you need to follow. These eight cyclists are doing a fantastic job of making cycling seem fun, approachable, relatable, and occasionally, highlighting just how painful and awkward it can be.


Jess Hana shares both hilarious and helpful content that reminds us of how much we love riding bikes... and getting other people out riding. This one about not saying sorry on rides really got us:


Irreverent looks at mountain biking and never taking the sport too seriously. We loved this video of if cycling was ‘played’ like other sports:


A roadie who blends taking his bike very, very seriously with some humor? Here for it. And we all know this feeling all too well:


This outdoorsy comedian doesn’t always post about biking, but when she does, it’s solid gold. (It’s also great content for those who love to cross-train.) And who doesn’t love a video like this, that somehow manages to be weirdly inspirational while poking a bit of fun at the ‘train like me’ videos that pros put out?


Brendan Carberry combines hilarity with ingenuity in his Reels, making weird little additions to his bike and gear—like these adorable tire stamps that leave the best tread patterns ever:


Relatable ride content. (We love that Red Walters hits a good blend of informative posts but then the occasional laugh-out-loud moment.)


Canadian pro roadie Alison Jackson is super speedy, but she’s also wholeheartedly embraced making fun content on and off the bike. We particularly love her latest, a tribute to Fashion Week, done cycling-style.


Just a normal guy doing mountain bike stuff. And making goofy Reels along the way.

Have a favorite we didn’t include? Share it in the comments!

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