8 Great Cookware Deals You Don’t Want to Miss at Williams Sonoma Today

Kelsey Mulvey
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Photo credit: Williams Sonoma
Photo credit: Williams Sonoma

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After spending the bulk of 2020 making our own meals from scratch — or, okay, rotating between macaroni and cheese and frozen pizza — we're ready to take our culinary repertoire up a couple of notches. But, in order to do that, we need some new equipment.

Williams-Sonoma, the retailer is known for being a one-stop-shop for all your cooking needs, is slashing the price of a bunch of cookware from top brands like Le Creuset, All-Clad, and Staub. These! Are! Really! Good! Brands!

Sure, it's easy to overlook the importance of high-quality cookware. As long as your pots and pans can cook your meals without torching your ingredients, it's fine, right? Ha! Nope.

If you want to make your time in the kitchen as delicious as possible, it's important to invest in cookware that heats up evenly and lasts forevah—which is why the good stuff can be expensive.

During this Williams-Sonoma's latest sale, you can pick up some of the best cookware for up to 65 percent less than their typical price. And there are so many on-sale options! (Is it weird how excited I am about this? Probably, but I don't care.)

Start your cookware collection with GreenPan's set of nonstick fry pans (our Lifestyle director has these and LOVES them, btw) or Le Creuset's Dutch oven (ditto!). And, of course, there's Lodge's seasoned cast-iron skillet which makes literally anything: Pizza, lasagna, steaks, a whole-ass roast chicken, bread, and way more (p.s. our director has this too! She maybe has a cookware addiction, but it's fine).

Anyway, get in on these deals before they're over, friends!

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