8 Butterscotch Recipes That Will Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

There are few sweet treats more satisfying than butterscotch. The rich, smooth, almost caramel-like flavor is a welcome addition to treats all year long. One mention of it, and our minds wander back to Grandmother's house with glass bowls filled to the brim with the hard candy. "One for now, one for later," she'd whisper with a memorable nudge. Butterscotch comes together with two essential ingredients: brown sugar and butter. Southerners love to use it for a variety of recipes, from baking cookies to making a sweet sauce to whipping up a silky filling. Its versatility brings a pop of rich flavor to many recipes that grace dessert tables at birthdays, holidays, and year-round celebrations. While chocolate may get all the attention, butterscotch is an ingredient that may just take the cake. Next time you head to the market, grab a bag of butterscotch chips or the essential ingredients needed to make your own recipe from scratch and we are certain you won't be disappointed.