8 Anti-Aging Tips Jane Fonda Followed to Look This Great at 80

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At age 80, Jane Fonda is still just as glowing and wave-making
as she was 50 years ago. But with one exception: she likes herself more now.
“You could not pay me to be young again,” she told DailyMail in an interview. “After
I turned 60, I began to understand who I was, and became young again.”

So what’s the secret behind the Oscar-winning actress and
activist looking (and feeling) so good after all these years? Scroll through to
read all of her rules to live by.  

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It’s all about your
In an interview with People,
Fonda credits her looks mostly to luck, but also says exercising her mind and
body on a regular basis helps. “Maintaining a healthy weight, strong heart and
bones through regular physical exercise is a major ingredient for successful
aging,” she says. Not abusing alcohol and never smoking are also high on the
actress’s must-do list when it comes to aging gracefully.

Never stop moving.
Despite having osteoarthritis and having both a knee and hip
replacement, Fonda swears by staying active. “The most important thing is to
keep moving. I still work out, although these days I do it slowly,”
she tells DailyMail. “I don't run, I
walk. I don't ski, I cross-country ski. I still do resistance training and yoga, but I do it very slowly. I'm never going to stop…That's what I do and that's
how I stay strong."