These 8 Amazon best-selling home security cameras are all under $50

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Home security is something we surely don’t take for granted, and the growing quantity of home security cameras on the market is a testament to that.

From indoor motion-sensor options to waterproof, night vision-enabled devices, there are so many security gadgets available to select. However, the truth of the matter is that these pieces of home tech can come at a steep price.

With this in mind, we’ve rounded up eight of Amazon’s best-selling home security cameras -- all jam-packed with the most popular features and, most importantly, all available for under $50.

1. Wyze Cam Pan Indoor Smart Home Camera with Night Vision, $37.98

Credit: Amazon
Credit: Amazon

Boasting over 21,000 customer reviews and a 4.3-star rating, this indoor option from Wyze, one of the most trusted brands in home security, is a clear favorite among shoppers.

The sleek and compact camera can pan to capture the entire room in under three seconds. It can also tilt and zoom, and it has other seamless features, including Wi-Fi, night vision, two-way audio, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

One shopper gushed that it has “so much functionality” at such an affordable price.

2. Wansview Wireless Security Camera with Motion Detection, $29.99

Credit: Amazon
Credit: Amazon

Taking “compact” to another level, the Wansview Wireless Security Camera takes up very little space in your home, while boasting 360 degree coverage of any room.

This camera, which captures 1080 pixel full video, also comes with a host of features including two-way audio, night vision, motion detection, SD/Cloud storage and Amazon Alexa integration.

The product’s 4.4-star overall customer rating and more than 5,000 customer reviews also prove that it’s one of quality with one shopper stressing that it’s also “easy to install.”

3. Amiccom Outdoor Security Camera with Two-Way Audio, $35.99 (Orig. $38.98)

Credit: Amazon
Credit: Amazon

Specially designed for outdoor use, this option from Amiccom is arguably one of the best on the market for ensuring your home or apartment stays secure and intruder-free.

In addition to capturing up to 24 meters of 1080 pixel video (with night vision capabilities), this home surveillance camera features built-in Wi-Fi and smart motion detection. This means that if an intruder is detected, the device will send an alert with a snapshot or recording to your phone via an email or push notification. The gadget also features a built-in deterrent alarm to ensure your home’s security.

Thousands of shoppers also attest to its performance, with one dubbing it “the security camera to buy.”

4. Kamtron Wireless Security Camera with Two-Way Audio, $39.99

Credit: Amazon
Credit: Amazon

This indoor home security camera does more than meets the eye. According to the product’s description, this option from Kamtron functions as a surveillance camera as well as a home baby monitor.

The device features a broad field of view, tiling 100 degrees and panning up to 350 degrees. Like the previous option, this $40 camera also pushes an alert with a snapshot or recording to your phone when motion or an intrusion is detected.

Over 5,000 shoppers have shared their thoughts on the 4.4-star rated gadget, with one admitting to being “pleasantly surprised” by its performance and another sharing that it produces a “crystal clear picture.”

5. Wansview Wi-Fi and Waterproof Home Surveillance Outdoor Security Camera, $36.99

Credit: Amazon
Credit: Amazon

Perfect for placement outside of front doors and above pool and backyeard entrances, the Wansview Surveillance Waterproof Camera is the device that does it all.

According to the product’s description, in addition to its waterproof build, the device captures live video in 1080 pixel resolution, works in conjunction with Amazon Alexa, features night vision and motion detection and comes with cloud storage and remote access.

Several shoppers have said that the device is a “great quality” camera at a “reasonable price.”

6. Yi Dome Security Camera with Night Vision and Amazon Alexa, $33.99 (Orig. $59.99)

Credit: Amazon
Credit: Amazon

Currently another majorly popular option among shoppers, the Yi Dome Security Camera boasts over 7,500 reviews and is currently on sale for 43 percent off.

The small but powerful device captures 1080 pixel HD video and can pan, tilt and zoom. What sets it apart from similar devices is its 24/7 emergency response integration and intercom modes.

Like several other home security cameras, it also features motion detection, night vision and works with Amazon Alexa. Several shoppers claim it “works like a dream.”

7. Conico Wireless Security Camera with Sound Motion Detection and Night Vision, $22.99

Credit: Amazon
Credit: Amazon

This option from Conico may be the cheapest of the bunch, but its price does not reflect its quality and performance, according to reviewers.

The device boasts all the standard features of any modern mid to high-end home security camera: sound motion detection, night vision, two-way audio, Wi-Fi, 8-times zoom, Amazon Alexa and more.

However, shoppers can’t stop raving about its thin, light design and its amazing “bang for your buck.” One shopper dubbed it “a must-have” while another shared that it’s the “best camera” for the price.

8. Littlelf Wireless Indoor Security Camera with Smart Night Vision, $26.99

Credit: Amazon
Credit: Amazon

With a form factor that’s unlike most home security cameras on the market, this option from Littlelf is chic, space consolidating and powerful.

The wireless device features a design that allows for it to be placed on a table or countertop, mounted onto a wall or even upside down on the ceiling. It also boasts the standard modern features noticed in some of today’s most popular home security systems, including Wi-Fi, night vision, two-way audio, motion detection, baby, pet and nanny monitoring capabilities, Amazon Alexa and cloud storage.

Dubbed the “cutest camera for your home security” by one shopper, this is surely one that will blend into any decor.

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