The 8-in-1 Always Pan Can Now Do So Much More, Thanks to This New Traditionware Set (PureWow)
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We’ve been going steady with Our Place’s cult-favorite Always Pan for about a year now. In case you haven’t heard, this single nonstick skillet (aka our boo) can do all the work of an eight-piece cookware set (nine, if you treat yourself to the Spruce Steamer), plus looks *fabulous* doing it in six unique colors. Now, it can do even more, thanks to the Tahdig Trio.

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Yup, tahdig, as in the iconic Iranian rice dish famous for its crispy charred bottom. (You may recognize it from your Instagram feed.) The traditionware set was concepted and created by co-founders Shiza Shahid, a Pakistani immigrant, and her Iranian husband Amir Tehrani in honor of Nowruz, or Persian New Year. It’s the first-ever collection of kitchenware specifically designed for the holiday.

Tahdig is the celebration’s signature dish, and if you’ve ever seen anyone make it, it all comes down to seamlessly flipping the rice from the pan onto a serving platter. This can be quite a feat for first timers, but the Tahdig Trio aims to make the dish simple and, dare we say, foolproof. That's because the set includes a Noosh-e-Joon serving platter that's custom-designed to fit your Always Pan, making that flip a little more manageable. It's made from ceramic stoneware, inscribed with Persian calligraphy and can come in handy with any dishes that call for flipping, like pancakes, frittatas or tortillas.

The trio also comes with a damkoni, a wrap that’s a major game-changer for cooking rice. Slip the cotton wrap over your Always Pan lid and it will soak up all the extra moisture and steam from the rice while it cooks, which ensures a fluffier final product. Most importantly, the kit also includes a traditional tahdig recipe and Persian saffron, a key ingredient for authentic tahdig. (Our Place uses hand-harvested saffron from a family-owned co-op in Afghanistan.)

The platter is available in Spice (soft terracotta pink) and Steam (light grey), while the damkoni comes in four all-new colors: Sesame, Smoke, Pomegranate and Walnut. Nowruz kicks off on March 21, but in case you can’t wait to get your tahdig on…

Buy it ($65)

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