76 Halloween Trivia Questions & Answers To Prep For Spooky Season

How much do you really love Halloween? We curated a list of spooky and surprising Halloween trivia questions that'll test you and your friends' knowledge of the holiday and its most classic movies.

Answers included to make it easy to prep for your next spooky season trivia night!

1.Halloween originated Ireland: true or false?


2.What was candy corn was originally called?

Chicken Feed

3.What's the name of the cab company that Benny works for in Halloweentown?

skeleton driving a taxi cab with a girl in the backseat

Psychic Cab


4.Which celebrity died on Halloween?

Harry Houdini

5.Why did Dani leave the salt circle in the cemetery in Hocus Pocus?

three witches on broomsticks

To help Billy


6.The word "Halloween" means what?

Saints' evening

7.What is the most popular Halloween costume for pets?

dog wearing a pumpkin hat


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8.Which celebrity is known for throwing epic Halloween parties?

Heidi Klum

9.What happens if Marni doesn't begin her training by midnight of her 13th Halloween in Halloweentown?

cartoon girl on a broomstick

She'll lose her powers forever

Disney Channel

10.The Scottish term for dressing up on Halloween is guising: true or false?


11.Which state produces the most pumpkins?


12.What book was Joel trying to read in Adams Family Values?

girl with black hair and boy with glasses sitting next to each other

A Brief History of Time

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13.What is the record for most lit jack-o'-lanterns on display?


14.Halloween originated from an ancient ___ festival.


15.How long were Adam and Barbara waiting to speak to Juno in Beetlejuice?

people waiting in a doctor's office

Three months

Warner Bros.

16.About how many years does Halloween date back to?

2,000 years

17.What's the name of the song Debbie plays for Fester right after they get married in Adams Family Values?

blonde woman and bald man embracing

"Number 438"

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18.Where is the biggest Halloween parade in the US thrown?

New York

19.What was the number on the police car that announces Jack has been shot down in The Nightmare Before Christmas?

animated police office



20.A city in Canada banned kids older than 16 from trick-or-treating: true or false?


21.Jack-O’-Lanterns used to be made from onions: true or false?

two pumpkins on a stoop


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22.Trick-or-treating has existed ever since the medieval times!


23.What was the name of the lobster that was picked from the tank in Hocus Pocus?

man in a pirate costume



24.Snickers are the most popular candy in the US: true or false?


25.What is banned in Hollywood on Halloween?

Silly String

26.What was the last ingredient the Sanderson witches added to their cauldron in Hocus Pocus?

three witches around a cauldron

A bit of their own tongue


27.The color orange stands for harvest, and the color black signifies death: true or false?


28.What card did Pugsley offer Joel in trade for his Debbie card in Adams Family Values?

three kids sitting on the floor

Amy Fisher

Paramount Pictures

29.How many times has Betelgeuse seen The Exorcist in Beetlejuice?

man with big dark circles around his eyes and messy hair

167 times

Warner Bros.

30.A pumpkin is a fruit: true or false?


31.In The Nightmare Before Christmas, which holiday is NOT one of the doors that appears in the forest?

April Fool's Day

32.What is the name of the island the gang goes to in the 2002 Scooby-Doo movie?

Spooky Island

33.What was the name of the broom Marni buys in Halloweentown?

girl with bangs holding a broomstick

Windsweeper 5000

Disney Channel

34.The fear of Halloween is known as samhainophobia: true or false?


35.What animal did Wednesday and Pugsley bury at the beginning of Adams Family Values?

boy in an electric chair

A cat

Paramount Pictures

36.The three witches in Hocus Pocus are Winnie, Mary, and who?


37.In Hotel Transylvania, what color is Frankenstein?


38.What's the shape of the mayor's bow tie in The Nightmare Before Christmas?

clay animated man wearing a tophat

A spider


39.In The Nightmare Before Christmas, what is Zero's nose?

A jack-o'-lantern

40.How long is Adam gone the first time when he sees a sandworm in Beetlejuice?

big clay snake

Two hours

Warner Bros.

41.What other Halloween film features a snake inspired by the snake from Beetlejuice?

The Nightmare Before Christmas

42.What is the name of the large green ghost Ray first encounters in Ghostbusters?


43.Including Zero, how many creatures pull Jack's sleigh in The Nightmare Before Christmas?

reindeer pulling Santa's sleigh



44.How is Winnie Sanderson defeated in Hocus Pocus?

Hallowed ground

45.In The Nightmare Before Christmas, the names of Boogie's Boys are Lock, Shock, and ___?


46.What item is NOT something we see Nebbercracker take in Monster House: Tricycle, shoes or kite?


47.In the 2002 Scooby-Doo movie, where does the voodoo man tell Daphne NOT to go?

Spooky Island castle

48.Why can't the Sanderson sisters follow the kids into the cemetery in Hocus Pocus?

three women in witch costumes

It's hallowed ground


49.What does Emily turn into at the end of Corpse Bride?

Swarm of butterflies

50.Jack-o'-lanterns are literally named after a guy named Jack: true or false?


51.What insult did Marni call Calabar in their final confrontation in Halloweentown?

man holding a staff

Chocolate bar

Disney Channel

52.How did bobbing for apples begin?

As part of an ancient Roman Festival

53.World War II caused sugar rationing, which put a halt to trick-or-treating for how many years?


54.What is Ice's real name in Hocus Pocus?

two teenage boys



55.According to ancient legend, seeing a spider on Halloween means what?

A loved one is watching over you and protecting you

56.What do Australians think of Halloween?

Unpopular and "too American"

57.Which celeb was born on Halloween?

Vanilla Ice

58.What animal caused Adam and Barbara's car to crash in Beetlejuice?

man and woman driving a car


Warner Bros.

59.How much will people spend on average on haunted house attractions?

$300 million

60.Why does candy corn have its corn shape?

Because ~nature~-inspired candy was all the rage in the 1880s.

61.What was candy corn more popular than when it was first invented?

Regular corn

62.Candy corn was originally made by hand: true or false?


63.What was the first present Jack gave out as Santa in The Nightmare Before Christmas?

Santa hiding his face from a skeleton

A shrunken head


64.Why was the iconic "I see dead people" scene in The Sixth Sense was almost changed?

Because the film's producer, Frank Marshall, was scared that people would figure out the ending.

65.Who wrote all the songs for The Nightmare Before Christmas?

Danny Elfman

66.What did Debbie kill her first husband with in Adams Family Values?

woman in a white dress sitting on a couch

An axe

Paramount Pictures

67.Why did Alfred Hitchcock shoot Psycho in black and white?

So that the shower death scene wouldn't look as gory

68.What year was a score added to 1931's Dracula?


69.When was Halloweentown established in Halloweentown?

woman with blonde hair looking at a big pumpkin

Long Ago

Disney Channel

70.In The Exorcist, who was the character of Chris MacNeil based on in real life?

Shirley MacLaine

71.What candy bar does Beetlejuice tempt the fly with in Beetlejuice?

giant animated fly


Warner Bros.

72.Where did the idea for Final Destination originate from?

A spec script for The X-Files

73.Who did Tim Burton want to cast as Betelgeuse in Beetlejuice?

Sammy Davis Jr.

74.Who did Drew Barrymore request that her blonde wig in Scream be modeled after?

Michelle Pfeiffer's character's hair in Scarface

75.Where did the vampires look for Jack Skellington in Nightmare Before Christmas?

three vampires

Behind the cyclops eye


76.Hocus Pocus was originally what?

A short story

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