75 Picnic Date Ideas—From Snacks & Sips to Places & Plans

Going on a picnic date is a classic and romantic way to sweep someone off of their feet. Whether it's one of your first dates or you've been together for several years, picnics are undoubtedly fun. The possibilities are endless as far as where you can plan the date, which activities to include and the best food to eat. If you're planning a picnic for the special someone in your life, you may be on the hunt for the best picnic date ideas.

Maybe you're envisioning a romantic sunset picnic on the beach while you snack on cheese and wine, or perhaps you'd fancy a backyard picnic that ends in stargazing and a bonfire (with s'mores, of course).

You may be surprised at the amount of picnic date ideas out there for couples. If you're stumped and seek to do more than throw down a gingham blanket in the park, keep reading. From food ideas to activities and cute places to go, you'll have your perfect date planned in no time.

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Best Picnic Date Ideas



1. Beach Picnic

Set up in the sand, right by the water. Just watch for the tide rolling in!

2. State Park

Undoubtedly, state parks are the most popular place to host a picnic. With lots of space and greenery around for a beautiful setup, you can't go wrong at a local state park.

3. Botanical Gardens

Another one of the most popular places to have a picnic date is at a botanical garden. Botanical gardens feel more private than state parks and the greenery is much more lush and unique.

4. Backyard

If you don't feel like going anywhere, set up a picnic in your backyard.

5. Car/Truckbed

Some people don't like sitting in the grass. If you're one of them, lay the picnic blanket out in your car trunk or the bed of your truck.



6. Waterside

If there's not a beach close by, find a lake to lounge by.

7. Waterfall

Is there anything more romantic and peaceful than watching a waterfall? The only thing we can think of is having a picnic by a waterfall.

8. Play Card Games

What are your favorite card games to play? Make sure you have all of the rules down and play all the classics.

9. Bring Books

Sometimes, you just want to have some peace and quiet. Enjoy each other's company and read books side-by-side.

10. Play 20 Questions

It doesn't matter how long or little you've known each other, playing 20 Questions is a great way to deepen your relationship.

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11. People Watch

The cheapest and most entertaining activity is definitely people-watching. Do it while you feast on your picnic treats!

12. Do a Virtual Wine Tasting

Bring your laptop or iPad and sign up for a virtual wine tasting to enjoy outside.

13. Fly a Kite

Picnics and flying kites go hand-in-hand. Head to your local store and grab one to fly together.

14. Have a Photoshoot

Snap cute photos of each other to commemorate the picnic date.

15. Charades

Is there a game more classic than Charades?

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16. Play Never Have I Ever

Each player starts with 10 fingers up and you ask questions to find out things that the other has or hasn't done.

17. Bocce Ball

A classic yard game.

18. Pickleball

Plan your picnic by a pickleball court so you can play before or after you eat! It's very similar to tennis.

19. Toss a Ball

Grab your baseball gloves or the football and toss it around.

20. Play Soccer

Better with your feet? Play a game of soccer together or pass the ball around.

21. Play Tennis

You'd be surprised at how fun and competitive a game of tennis can be after a picnic.

22. Play Frisbee

Get your form down and throw like a pro.

23. Go Swimming

If you have your picnic by a lake or public pool, why not cool off with a swim after?

24. Ring Toss

Pro tip: if you hit the middle pin, you get 25 points.

25. Hackysack

How long can you keep the hackysack going?

26. Listen to Music

Putting on music in the background is a must.

27. Paint Tote Bags

You can head down to your local craft store to grab blank tote bags and paint them with designs of your choice.

28. Horseshoes

Horseshoes, anyone?

29. Jump Rope

Jumping rope is probably best served before you eat your food.

30. Hula Hoop

Have a hula hooping contest and see who can keep theirs up the longest!

Romantic Picnic Ideas

31. Rooftop

Do you live in a high-rise apartment? Set up a picnic on your rooftop.

32. Private Chef Hosting

Take a private chef with you and your partner during your romantic picnic.

33. Drive-In Theatre

Remember when we said to have a picnic in the back of your car? Do it at the drive-in theatre and watch a movie!

34. Sunrise Breakfast Picnic

Is there anything more romantic than watching the sunrise and sipping on mimosas?



35. Sunset Picnic

Conversely, if you're not a morning person, opt for a sunset picnic.

36. Do Your Own Wine Tasting

Wine tastings can be expensive, but they sure are a romantic picnic idea. Host your own!

37. Stargaze

If your sunset picnic dips into the evening hours, lay back and enjoy the stars.

38. Play Instruments

Do you and your picnic date have a knack for music? Jam on instruments together.

39. Take Polaroid Photos

Snap Polaroid photos to commemorate the day and write down the date at the bottom.

40. Dance

Dance to the music you're playing like nobody's watching!

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41. Play Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare is a timeless classic to help you get to know your picnic date a little better.

42. Give Each Other a Massage

Time to get those knots out of your shoulder and neck.

43. Practice Yoga

Picnic yoga? We can't think of anything better.



44. Meditate

Zen out for a meditation session in nature. Be careful, if you do it after your picnic feast, you may fall asleep!

45. Take a Walk

Walk off all the food and drinks with an after-picnic romantic walk.

46. Play a Flirty Card Game

Want to get a little flirty with your picnic date? There are lots of romantic card games that can allow you to do so!

47. Feed Each Other Fruit

Just make sure your picnic date likes the fruit you picked.

48. Watch a Movie

Either set up your picnic in your yard with a projector and movie ready to play, or place your phone on the picnic blanket where you can both see the screen and play one of your favorite films during your date.

49. Watch the Clouds

Remember when you watched the clouds when you were younger? Lay back and do that at your picnic!

Cute Picnic Ideas

50. Bicycle

Bike to your picnic site and bike around the nature trail afterward.

51. Paddle Board

Pack your paddle boards with you and float around after your lakeside picnic.

52. Bird Watch

If you're eating in nature, you may as well immerse yourself in nature. How many different birds can you spot?

53. Color

Bring two of the same coloring books or coloring pages and choose the same page to color. Compare the results after!

54. Paint

You can also have a painting contest. Find an "inspiration picture" and mimic it to your best abilities!

55. Decorate the Picnic Area

Today, there are lots of picnic hosting companies that decorate outdoor picnic sites for you. Why not come up with a theme and decorate the spot together?

56. Scavenger Hunt

Set up a cheeky scavenger hunt to play with your picnic date.

57. Play I Spy

This game isn't just for long car rides. Break it out at your picnic and see what you find!

58. Pick Flowers

Are there wildflowers nearby? Pick a bouquet for your picnic date.

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59. Go Fishing

Going fishing is another great lakeside picnic activity. Perhaps, wait until after you eat, though! Nobody wants to eat with fishy fingers.

60. Have a Bonfire

Having a bonfire picnic is a great excuse to have s'mores. And who doesn't love s'mores?

Food Ideas for a Picnic Date

61. Charcuterie Board

Create your own or pick up one from a charcuterie board catering service.

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62. Bento Boxes

Easy and transferrable, feast on your Asian fusion and sushi favorites.

63. Box of Chocolates

Not in the mood for food? Chocolates will do! Or, they always work perfectly as a dessert.

64. Pizza and Beer

This timeless combo tastes perfect at a picnic.

65. Fast Food

Run through your favorite fast food joint before you jet off for your picnic.

66. Wine and Cheese 

Just like pizza and beer, wine and cheese combine together flawlessly and make for a tasteful picnic food idea.

67. High Tea

Pinkies up! Stay classy with a high tea picnic. You can transfer the tea to Tervis cups to keep it hot!

68. Barbecue

If you have a picnic at a state park or in your backyard, take advantage of the grills and barbecue out.



69. Sandwiches, Salads and Snacks

The trifecta combination of picnic foods: sandwiches, salads and snacks.

70. Tacos

Make your own tacos or pick them up from your favorite restaurant before the picnic begins.

71. Fruits, Veggies and Dips

If you're looking for lighter fare snacks, cut up all of your favorite produce items between fruits and vegetables. Dips like hummus and caramel dip are perfect pairings!

72. Takeout

Do you love a certain type of takeout? Why not enjoy it at your picnic?

73. Burgers and Hot Dogs

The classic American fare.

74. Italian

Slurping on pasta may get a little bit messy, but who doesn't love Italian food?

75. Dessert and Coffee

Grab your favorite pastries, like danishes and croissants, and pair them with caffeine-filled cups of coffee.

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