75 Mantras for Success That Will Inspire You To Crush Your Goals

Goals are the roadmap that helps lead you to success, whether your ambitions are related to work or your personal life. Without them, it’s easy to lose direction and focus. While goal setting is key to success, so is motivation. Otherwise, all your goals will remain nothing more than lofty ideas. Fortunately, repeating mantras for success helps with both motivation and consistency.

Staying motivated isn’t easy—especially when reaching certain goals are taking longer than you thought. In need of some encouragement? The mantras rounded up here will help with that, inspiring you to not give up on your goals. Bookmark this article and pull it up whenever you need a reminder to stay the course. After reading it, you’ll feel inspired to conquer the day.

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75 Mantras for Success That Will Inspire You To Crush Your Goals

1. I believe nothing is impossible.

2. I won’t let others’ opinions get in the way of my success.

3. I will be my most authentic self, which will lead me to success.

4. I won’t be afraid to accomplish what I know I can do.

5. I will find happiness in the journey of reaching my goals.

6. I am not meant to be ordinary. I can do the extraordinary.

7. I believe in myself and know my hard work will lead to success.

8. I will follow my bliss, my roadmap to success.

9. I will not let past failures hold me back.

10. I will partner with others so we can move forward together.



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11. I am taking actionable steps to accomplish my goals and will get there one step at a time.

12. I will never stop learning and will use what I am taught to move up and onward.

13. I won’t let negative people disparage my ambitions.

14. I won’t just dream of success, I will work for it.

15. I won’t let failure get to my heart or success get to my head.

16. I will not quit when life gets hard. I will become more determined.

17. I will set goals. I will envision them. I will accomplish them.

18. I am courageous. I will not quit.

19. I will not let obstacles, doubt or mistakes get in the way of turning my dreams into reality.

20. I will not regret the risks I take, even if they don’t work out.



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21. I will work hard today, which will prepare me for tomorrow.

22. I will work hard and persevere. I will accomplish great things.

23. I am kind and hard-working and because of this, amazing things will happen.

24. I am not meant to live an ordinary life. I’m meant to live an extraordinary one.

25. I have the power to make my dreams a reality.

26. I will work hard and succeed on purpose.

27. I will stay consistent, which will lead me to success.

28. I will stick to the daily habits I know will keep me on track, even if it’s hard.

29. I will never give up.

30. I will use my past failures to help me succeed.



31. I am ready to work for my success and don’t expect it to just be given to me.

32. I am talented and hard-working.

33. I will dream deep. I will reach high.

34. I won’t just wish. I will accomplish.

35. I will stay true to myself, which will help me accomplish my goals.

36. I am not too old to set another goal. I am not too old to achieve it.

37. I won’t just dream. I will dream bigger.

38. I will reach high instead of aiming low.

39. I am willing to make sacrifices others won’t in order to accomplish my goals.

40. I am becoming the person I am meant to be.



41. I will not let fear stop me.

42. I will set high goals and if I fail, I will fail higher than everyone else’s success.

43. I will start where I am, using what I have, and doing what I can.

44. I will wish it, plan it and do it.

45. I will take the first step toward accomplishing my goals today.

46. I will continue to gain momentum by consistently setting greater goals.

47. I would rather fail at reaching my goals than have no goals to reach.

48. I am not done growing.

49. I have the power to make my life what I want it to be.

50. I will continually seek new goals. I will seek new heights.



51. I will not stop until I make it to the top of this mountain. I can endure the climb.

52. I will not quit after the first or second tries. I will not quit after the third or fourth tries either.

53. I can do what others think is impossible.

54. I will stand up more times than I fall down.

55. I know victory is right around the corner.

56. I can outsmart the obstacles that come my way.

57. I will persevere.

58. I will never surrender. I will rise up against the odds.

59. I will run faster if I fall behind.

60. I will not confuse a single defeat with a final defeat.



61. I believe I can and because of that, I am halfway there.

62. I know that out of difficulties, miracles grow.

63. I will dream to get started, use desire to keep going and stay determined to finish.

64. I know that whatever I do today, I can keep moving forward.

65. I can endure hard times because I know that the pain is temporary.

66. I won’t be afraid to miss the shots that others won’t even take.

67. I know that nothing is impossible.

68. I will take small steps, which will lead to big things.

69. I have the power to rewrite my story if I don’t like the chapter.

70. I will not be embarrassed by my failures. I will learn from them and start again.

71. I will use others’ criticism to become stronger.

72. I may fail 99 times, but if I succeed once, I’ve won.

73. I have the strength to pick myself back up and start again.

74. I will not stand in the way of accomplishing my own dreams.

75. I won’t wait. I will start right now.

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