75 Aquarius Quotes That Perfectly Capture the Personality of the Water Bearer

Independent and quirky are just a few traits of the zodiac rebel.

Innovative, creative, self-reliant, progressive, unpredictable and moody are some words often used to describe Aquarians—those born between January 20 and February 18 under the 11th sign of the zodiac. The final air sign in astrology, Aquarius is also quite humanitarian—as it is represented by the mythical water carrier who heals by distributing water and giving eternal life.

This collection of Aquarius quotes can provide some insight into the quirky and fiercely independent folks represented by this zodiac sign—like celebrities Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Aniston, Harry Styles and Ellen DeGeneres. They may even strike a chord with you if you have a loyal Aquarian in your own life!

75 Aquarius Quotes

1. “Aquarians are walking contradictions. Owing to the way they process things sometimes they don’t realize if something is wrong.” — Imelda Green

2. “As an Aquarius, I have many thoughts, so I hope you don’t mind that I go off on a little tangent right now.” — Ashley Flores

3. “Aquarians also have a tendency to get into unusual situations and take up with oddball individuals.” — Joanna Martine Woolfolk

4. “Aquarius anger is like a raging storm complete with blinding lighting, heart racing thunder and torrential downpours.” — Unknown

5. “I’m an Aquarius, so I want to improve mankind.” — Melvin Bradley

6. “One of the hallmarks of the sign of Aquarius is the campaign for justice. Everybody is my brother. Justice is very important to me.” — Morgan Fairchild

7. “I’m a man that’s unique to the world. That’s the kind of star I was born under—on the cusp of Capricorn and Aquarius.” — Jose James

8. “The Aquarian water bearer likes everybody. Everyone is his friend.” — Linda Goodman, Sun Signs

9. Almost every Aquarius is a rebel. Give them a guide and they won’t follow it. Tell them there’s a dress code and they’ll show up wearing nothing at all.— Alex Dimitrov and Dorothea Lasky, Astro Poets: Your Guide to the Zodiak

10. “That’s not how Aquarians operate. They don’t do things steadily; they are running about one day then comatose the next.” — Mary English, How To Bond With An Aquarius

11. “Freedom to Aquarius is essential. They can’t live without it. Unlike us earth signs who live by the plan, Aquarius go with the flow.” — Unknown

12. “There needs to be a high degree of mutual respect and natural chemistry for an Aquarian to want to make a new friendship.” — Susan Taylor

13. “Aquarians are the most loyal creatures that you’ll ever meet; they are very big on loyalty.” — Imelda Green

14. “The most important thing to an Aquarius is what’s interesting to them, so if a lover sparks excitement in them, they’re going to want to invest time in the relationship.” — Jessica Lanyadoo and T. Greenaway, Astrology for Real Relationships

15. “An Aquarius can sometimes be consumed by their own thoughts, especially at night. They can’t find the off switch.” — Unknown

16. “Aquarians are unique, fascinating, and independent. They are born humanitarians and want to be everyone’s best friend. Blessed with original insights, they are progressive in thought and spirit, opening new doors for us all.” — Christine Rakela, The Love Relationship Formula

17. “Aquarians don't have the time or patience to concern themselves unduly with etiquette book-type good manners. They have something more important—good hearts.” — Linda Goodman, Love Signs

18. “There is a special magnetism to Aquarius that some astrologers have called distant glamour.” — Joanna Martine Woofold, The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need

19. “Aquarians must guard against being too set in their opinions, and in the end, egotistic, stubborn, and boastful.” — Unknown

20. “Whatever position you take, an Aquarian will likely take the opposite view.” — Llewellyn Publications, 1999 Sun Sign Book

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21. “An Aquarian will be a genius, if he will not cross the line separating it from eccentricity. His personality will be the perfect symbol of an odd mix of frostiness, realism, and unconventional volatility.” — Shanker Adawal

22. “Aquarius loves to socialize and knows a lot of people but has very few friends.” — Unknown

23. “Lots of people like rainbows. Children make wishes on them, artists paint them, dreamers chase them, but the Aquarian is ahead of everybody. He lives on one.” — Linda Goodman, Sun Signs

24. “An adult Aquarius is unique, people-oriented, and diverse in their way of thinking and behaving in the world.” — Taylor Moon, Zodiac Signs: Aquarius

25. “Aquarius are hot-hearted people who like doing things their own way.” — Unknown

26. “The good news is that she is one of the nicest people in the universe. The bad news is, that’s because she always does exactly what she pleases. An Aquarius female is rebellious, headstrong, and contrary. She can be selfishly independent and exasperating, especially when she is running through the house screaming, freedom!” — Hazel Dixon-Cooper, Born on a Rotten Day: Illuminating and Coping with the Dark Side of the Zodiak

27. “An Aquarius man isn’t the most affectionate one, but he likes ‘showing off’ his mate.” — Unknown

28. “Aquarians are sort of unorthodox, original people—sort of wacky, witty mad-caps who refuse to follow the crowd and go their own way.” — Joanna Martine Woolfolk

29. “The thoughts of Aquarius are like shining stars scattered across the night sky.” — Unknown

30. “Danny smiled sweetly. ‘I’m an Aquarius who enjoys long walks on the beach and playing in the blood of my enemies.’” ― Katherine McIntyre, Taking Root

31. “One thing is for sure, life with an Aquarian will never be dull.” —Geraldine Rose, ‎Cassandra Wilcox, Sun Signs for the New Millennium

32. “Aquarius: A relentless individualist, a friend to all, and someone who lives outside society's conventions.” — Molly Hall, Knack Astrology

33. “The Air element enhances intellect, analysis, judgment, and innovation. Aquarius is a thinking sign, curious about everything. You’re quick, literate, and inventive.” — Mary Valby, The Quotable Aquarius

34. “An Aquarius will stick by their beliefs even if it means standing alone.” — Unknown

35. “Aquarius would rather be alone than force themselves to mix with people they obviously have no connection with.” — Unknown

36. “An Aquarian will never deceive their friends even if they betray him or her.” — Ambika Prasad Parashar

37. “Aquarians are friendly, yet detached, they have warmth, yet they seem distant. Although appearing cold or aloof, they are not really indifferent to others.” — Saket Shah

38. “An Aquarius will give you the world, but they will give up on you if you give them nothing in return.” — Unknown

39. “I love water—I am an Aquarius, but that has nothing to do with it—and I have never been away from water in any place.” — Andre Balazs

40. “No wonder everyone confides their smallest troubles and deepest desires to them, knowing that an Aquarian will never judge and will always understand.” — Saket Shah

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41. “Aquarius are picky of people they spend time with.” — Unknown

42. “The water bearer loves, loves, loves its freedom, but eventually when freedom is the only goal, it can get a little limiting.” — John Marchesella

43. “To win an Aquarian’s trust, don’t try to reign in their quirks or keep them from flying their freak flag high. Aquarius thrives on shock value.” — Aliza Kelly

44. “In a love affair, Aquarius is generous and tolerant, the kind who never tries to encroach on your rights or to give orders.” — Joanna Martine Woolfolk

45 .“An Aquarius man is loyal when seriously in love, likes having freedom, has a quiet ego, wants everyone to believe his words, and gets angry if that is not the case.” — Unknown

46. “You independent Aquarius are always thinking up novel ways to get ahead.” — John Mesina, 86 Life Answers

47. “Aquarius: this zodiac sign is unpredictable. They’ll figure out what they believe on their own, with no help from anybody.” — Unknown

48. “People often assume that Aquarius is a water sign because their symbol is the water bearer. They're not! Instead, they are a cool-thinking air sign.” ― Theresa Reed, Astrology for Real Life

49. “Aquarius, the ambassador of open-mindedness.” — Unknown

50. “A new consciousness has been emerging through the age of Aquarius, and a rapid spiritual awakening is occurring, which science and organized religions have not yet fully tapped into.” ― J.J. Hughes

51. “Aquarians often value friendship higher than love. Even if a romance goes sour, they will still try to maintain a friendship.” — Therrie Rosenvald, The Eccentric Aquarius

52. “As an Aquarius, I have many thoughts, so I hope you don't mind that I go off on a little tangent right now.” — Ashley Flores, Mindfulness Through the Stars

53. “Aquarius can bend and form themselves into what their lover wants. In return, they want true feelings, not lies.” — Unknown

54. “I wanna say I’m detached but I’m an Aquarius that’s sensitive as hell.” — Denzel Curry

55. “Aquarians are attracted to people who aren’t afraid to stand up for their convictions and fight for their values.” — Aliza Kelly

56. “If you make an Aquarius mad, find shelter.” — Unknown

57. “An Aquarius isn’t a rebel with a cause; they are the cause.” — Jake Register, Astrology for Relationships

58. “Old soul with a wise, emotionally detached kind of attitude—that is an Aquarius.” — Unknown

59. “Aquarians are known to be ahead of their time, which can translate to weird if you’re not as woke as them. Tip: Get on their level.” — Emmalea Russo

60. “In the zodiac Aquarius symbolizes friendship, and you can form close and enduring ties.” — Joanna Martine Woolfolk

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61. “You see, in the image of Aquarius, it is a man who pours water into the fish. Now, the fish is unconscious. It is not enough just to have it. We have to actively turn towards it and support it so that it then helps us.” — Marie Louise von Franz

62. “Aquarius love traveling alone, working alone, and recharging from their solitude. Even when they are in a relationship, they still value their personal space and time alone.” — Unknown

63. “The Piscean age was and is about believing. The Aquarian age is about knowing. We have a choice between being foolishly misguided and wisely fed.” — T.F. Hodge

64. “An Aquarius regrets not trusting their intuition because it’s usually always right.” — Unknown

65. “Anybody who has had close personal connections with an Aquarian will immediately sense the paradoxical nature of this sign. Physical passion is mixed with emotional distance.” — Fleming Lee, Your Hidden Horoscope

66. “Aquarian women are not the vulnerable type, so you don’t have to worry about her. She will survive all by herself.” — Unknown

67. “My name is Dean Winchester. I’m An Aquarius, I enjoy sunsets, long walks on the beach, and frisky women.” — Dean Winchester, Supernatural

68. “An Aquarius is very good at pretending like everything is fine and can shut down emotionally.” — Unknown

69. “The age of Aquarius is the age of excellence in which personal purity shall absolutely matter.” — Harbhajan Singh Yogi

70. “An Aquarius is one of the most loyal friends and partners you can ever have.” — Unknown

71. “This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius.” — The 5th Dimension, “The Age of Aquarius”

72. “An Aquarius knows a bit of everything.” — Unknown

73. “Being so passionate and determined about everything they do makes them relentless achievers.” — Imelda Green.

74. “An Aquarius can be your best friend or worst enemy. There’s no in-between. You’re either with them or against them.” — Unknown

75. Aquarius: Not necessarily social, but always good with people.” — Unknown

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