70 Percent of Americans Say Their Mom Is Their Best Friend

And three in five would go so far as to say that every day should be Mother’s Day!

There's nobody quite like mom. And according to a survey reported in Good News Network, that's not an exaggeration. Out of 2,000 respondents, seven in 10 (70 percent) American adults said their mom was their best friend. The lifelong relationship between mother and child stems from respect, trust, and appreciation. Not only did these respondents agree that nothing compares to a mother's love when considering a best friend, but there is an overwhelmingly positive response about how impactful their mothers have been in their life and continue to be to this day.

MoMo Productions / Getty Images
MoMo Productions / Getty Images

Moms Are Superheros

The survey reports that 63 percent of respondents described their mom as a "superhero," while three in five (60 percent) went so far as to say that every day should be Mother's Day. She might not wear a cape, but the majority believe that their mother accomplishes supernatural feats daily—which deserves the same gratitude and appreciation delivered on Mother's Day.

Moms Deserve More Credit

The praise for mothers continued, with 86 percent of respondents calling them the most hardworking people they know and 69 percent agreeing that they don't get enough credit for everything they do.

Moms Appreciate Thoughtfulness

The survey, which OnePoll conducted on behalf of the jewelry company Angara, also found that the average person is willing to spend $300 on a gift for Mother's Day. At the same time, two in three agreed that money isn't required to show your mom you love her.

"When it comes to getting mom a gift she's going to love, personalization is key," Ankur Daga, CEO of Angara, said in a news release. "A custom piece always feels more thoughtful to let them know that you're always thinking of what they want and what's best for them."

Popular Gifts for Mothers

While all mothers appreciate the thought any gift represents, some tend to be most popular, according to respondents. In particular, homemade or personalized presents demonstrate an extra level of gratitude. Other popular gifts include chocolate or edible items for food enthusiasts, flowers, or jewelry.

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