7 Top-Rated Drawer Organizers From Amazon That Will Basically Change Your Life

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No matter how skilled you are in the art of folding laundry and keeping tidy, there’s something about household drawers that’s a magnet for disorderly clutter. Whether it’s your bedroom nightstand, your silverware drawer in the kitchen, or your office desk cubby, these spaces are always a challenge to keep in check. The solution? Drawer dividers and organizers—two types of items you can easily find on Amazon.

You don’t have to look too hard to discover the wealth of drawer organizers available. Amazon even has its own special section dedicated to the essentials, listing dozens of top-rated organizational cubes, trays, and dividers. Many are best-sellers in their respective categories and most have hundreds, if not thousands, of five-star reviews from enthusiastic organizers who would make Monica Geller proud.

Among the many products designed to put your drawers into beautiful order are these expandable dividers from OXO that will let you separate different styles of clothing in one drawer and these plastic trays fit to arrange anything from jewelry to makeup to paper clips. You can also tidy your kitchen drawers with items like this best-selling cutlery tray.

Shop seven customer-loved drawer-organizing essentials below.

Simple Houseware Drawer Divider

Ideal for underwear, bras, socks, and other small items, this set of four drawer dividers will help you get your intimates in order. It comes with six-, seven-, eight-, and 24-cell bins to expertly organize your most-used garments for easy access. Thousands of Amazon shoppers confirm it’s a great purchase.

- 15 Available at amazon.com

Madesmart Interlocking Bin Pack

You can use these interlocking trays to arrange office supplies in your desk, makeup and skincare products in the bathroom, or cooking utensils in the kitchen. This best-selling value pack comes with eight pieces that you can place as you like.

- 6 Available at amazon.com

OXO Good Grips Expandable Dresser Drawer Divider

These expandable drawer dividers from OXO—a brand that’s practically synonymous with organization—can stretch and shrink to fit just about space. Use them to separate jeans, sweaters, or even spare toys and knickknacks with ease.

- 20 Available at amazon.com

Stori Plastic Drawer Organizers

These clear stackable trays have a near-perfect rating on Amazon (4.8 out of five stars, to be exact). Thousands of shoppers use them to store beauty products, office supplies, and other household items. “I am finding many uses for the neat little rectangular shapes, from sorting out my jewelry to tidying the junk drawer to organizing the pantry. I must have more!” one reviewer wrote.

- 16 Available at amazon.com

Whitmor Honeycomb Drawer Organizer

Not your typical drawer dividers, these honeycomb-shaped inserts are great for keeping small articles of clothing in order. The pieces snap together to create cubbies for socks, ties, belts, scarves, and more.

- 12 Available at amazon.com

Joseph Joseph Kitchen Drawer Organizer

If your kitchen drawers are out of control, this cutlery tray is for you. It stores silverware efficiently to clear up space for other tools and utensils in overstuffed drawers, and Amazon shoppers swear by the small upgrade. One reviewer called it “the best silverware storage organizer compartments I’ve ever had in my entire life!”

- 10 Available at amazon.com

Bambusi Adjustable Bamboo Drawer Dividers

For an elevated look, you can spend a bit more on these bamboo drawer dividers. They adjust to fit a variety of drawer sizes the same way plastic ones do, only these look a touch more sophisticated. You can use them in the kitchen, bedroom, and office.

- 32 Available at amazon.com