7 Things Interior Designers Love From Hobby Lobby

Southern designers use Hobby Lobby finds as affordable tricks to spruce up stylish spaces.

<p>Cavan Images / Julia Maruyama / Getty</p>

Cavan Images / Julia Maruyama / Getty

A trip to Hobby Lobby promises to be an adventure. This Oklahoma City-based chain is bound to have what you’re looking for—from craft supplies to baking accessories and home decor—,but you’re also sure to see some oddities along the way. A hunt for Hobby Lobby home goods is bound to include a few stops marveling at decor with curious quotes and pieces just waiting for your creativity to complete. That’s what we love about Hobby Lobby; it’s not just about the destination—your final purchase—but the journey too.

When on the hunt for items to decorate our homes, we head to Hobby Lobby for the enjoyment of exploring aisle after aisle and the ultimate thrill of finding the perfect piece at an equally wonderful price. Interior designers across the South do the same, like Gilla Leigh Nordike, a designer in Kansas City, Missouri who shares her budget decor finds with her 860k followers on TikTok, and Callie and Ashley Farley, the sisters behind Blue Peach Co., a design studio in Buford, Georgia.

Use these designer-approved picks as a treasure map to find gold around the wonderland that is Hobby Lobby.

  • Gilla Leigh Nordike is a designer in Kansas City, Missourim who shares her budget decor finds with her 860k followers on TikTok.

  • Callie and Ashley Farley are the sisters behind Blue Peach Co., a design studio in Buford, Georgia.

Artificial Greenery

“We always say Hobby Lobby has the best selection of faux trees, plants, and florals,” the Farleys tell us. “We love the look of fresh florals and lush plants in a home but we aren’t a fan of the short life and upkeep of them. If you look around your space and feel that something is missing, it might just be a faux tree or a floral arrangement that adds a little detail that finishes a space.”

They especially love this faux agave plant and this ruscus tree, which are deceptively lifelike. That almost-real quality is what Nordike loves about Hobby Lobby’s faux greenery, too. In fact, she sneakily incorporates Hobby Lobby artificial grass into her outdoor designs as an easy, affordable, and maintenance-free trick for filling in the landscaping gaps.

Pots And Pottery

“A tree isn’t complete without a nice pot to be homed in and luckily that is our 2nd favorite item to grab at Hobby Lobby,” the Farleys say. “We have purchased this specific pot for three of our clients' homes and it surpasses our expectations every single time.”

Both Nordike and the design sister duo head to Hobby Lobby for the base of their artificial container gardens. While the Farley sisters gravitate to their preferred metallic pick, Nordike favors hers in the form of ceramic pottery.

“They have such a huge selection of many different styles, sizes, and colors,” she says. “They [the pots] are perfect pieces for the new modern-organic trend that is so popular right now and they are a fraction of the price of many comparable pieces online.”

Floral Stems

Greenery isn’t the only faux nature that these designers bring into their homes. Artificial stems with flowering buds or leaves are a chic choice, too. These spindly designer picks will look right at home year-round and can elevate a space, inside or out. Nordike heads to Hobby Lobby for realistic stems to decorate her home and admires their collection which includes stems of many colors and heights, including the Farleys’ favorites: white peonies and hydrangeas.

“They work perfect for table vases or floor pots,” Nordike raves. “Sometimes, I even remove some of the green leaves, and just leave the flowers, to create a more airy feel.”

Wall Mirrors

A mirror that is both beautiful and affordable isn’t easy to find. Nordike clues us in that Hobby Lobby has them aplenty, though one shape reigns as her top choice.

“[Hobby Lobby] offers a beautiful, budget-friendly selection of mirrors, but my favorites are the large classic round mirrors,” she says. “These mirrors look great in anyone’s home and will always be in style.”

Psuedo Vintage

In an ideal world, we would all have a treasure trove of heirlooms and antiques at our disposal. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case, and getting your hands on something authentic that you love for your home isn’t always the easiest. The Farleys recommend shopping at Hobby Lobby for faux vintage finds that have an antique quality despite a discount price, like their favorite frame, riser, candle, and tray.

“At Blue Peach, we love a little vintage touch to each room but oftentimes a $250 antique vessel isn’t practical for the budget," the Farleys agree. "Hobby Lobby does such a great job at giving you that vintage touch without the expensive price tag that comes with it.”

Cabinet Refreshers

Sometimes, a small detail can make all the difference in transforming your space. In fact, Ashley Farley’s trick for updating kitchen and bathroom cabinets is one easily achievable by crafty home DIY-ers with just a few supplies from Hobby Lobby. Just switch out the knobs, Ashley says. If you like a vintage look, she recommends attaching these ornate beauties to your cabinets, while these knobs are her tried and true picks for an elevated neutral look.

Holiday Decor

Hobby Lobby truly puts on the dog for holidays, as Nordike can attest. When Christmas rolls around, her home can be found overflowing with cheerful Hobby Lobby finds, from red and green adornments to unique, oversized jingle bells. Beyond Christmas, Hobby Lobby is a hotspot for decorations to suit any given holiday or seasonal set-up. When festive decor is this cute and affordable, there’s something to celebrate all year long: from summer cookouts to fall mantels and various holiday tables.

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