7 Surprising Ways To Use Vaseline In Your Home

The best and most unexpected uses for the petroleum jelly in your medicine cabinet.

<p>Getty Images/Towfiqu Barbhuiya/EyeEm</p>

Getty Images/Towfiqu Barbhuiya/EyeEm

Did you know that Vaseline goes way beyond soothing chapped lips and wounds? Also referred to as petroleum jelly, which is the primary ingredient of Vaseline, it was invented in the 1800s as a cure-all balm and has become a household staple since. For that reason, the multitasking ointment can usually be found in every medicine cabinet. However, it can also save you in many household situations if you know how to use it to its full potential.

From getting rid of stains to warding off pests, here are seven unexpected ways to use Vaseline that you probably never thought about.

Remove Scratches

You can fix minor scratches on wood surfaces and wooden furniture. Simply lather a thick coating of petroleum jelly onto the scratch. Wait 24 hours before removing excess with a cloth, and buff the area as you rub the small remaining amount into the wood.

De-Scuff Leather

Similarly, you can get rid of marks and scuffs on leather furniture and shoes by using Vaseline. It acts as a substitute for leather polish in a pinch. Use a cloth to rub a small amount onto the desired spots. Additionally, it hydrates the leather and boosts shine as it removes scuffs.

Protect While Painting

It can be a pain to remove all of your hardware and door knobs when painting. Apply a coat of petroleum jelly anywhere you want to avoid getting paint, and it will easily be able to be wiped off in the case of rogue splatters. And if you need inspiration for your next front door color, we’ve got you covered. (Fun fact: This also works when painting your nails. Use a Q-tip to apply petroleum jelly to the edges of your nails before polishing.)

Lubricate Hinges

Goodbye, squeaky doors and hard-to-open windows. Vaseline can be a huge help to add much-needed lubrication to door hinges and window sash locks. Simply apply a thin amount all over the target area, and reapply every few months as needed.

Get Rid of Stains

Petroleum jelly can also sometimes be used as a secret stain remover. If you happen to get makeup marks on towels, sheets, or pillows, you can use a damp cloth and a tiny amount of Vaseline to lift up the stains before washing. Typically makeup stains can be very difficult to remove, but Vaseline helps draw out the oils in makeup better than other removers.

Keep Light Bulbs From Sticking

Outdoor light bulbs can have a knack for sticking in the socket after long periods of time, leaving you with the task of trying to unscrew a stubborn bulb without breaking the glass. If you apply a small amount of Vaseline to the base of the bulb before screwing it in, it will help stave off the tell of time.

Ward Off Pests

Anyone with an ant problem can listen up! A coating of Vaseline traps land-locked pests in their tracks. Whether it’s on a window sill or around the edge of the dog bowl, you can use petroleum jelly to freeze ants and tackle your problem.

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