7 So-Refreshing Margarita Recipes to Make the Minute It's Over 40 Degrees Outside

·2 min read

For tequila fans, there are few things more satisfying on a hot day (or night) than a frosty, fresh, salt-dusted margarita. Thanks to smooth tequila, tart-and-tangy lime juice, and lots of ice, the margarita is a refreshing classic cocktail made for any and every spring or summertime occasion.

That being said, true fans know that are margs are not created equal. Grocery and liquor store shelves are lined with packaged margarita mixes that make claims like "just add tequila!" But tequila and a splash of neon yellow sweetness does not a margarita make.

The secret to a truly delicious margarita is using all the right (meaning fresh) ingredients in the right proportions. Translation: Don't wing it! Instead, follow one of these flavor-packed, perfectly-balanced margarita recipes, and you'll nail it every time.

Classic Margarita

This classic cocktail recipe couldn't be easier to shake up: All you need is tequila, lime, and a hint of sweet (we love the orange taste of Cointreau, but you can also just add a squeeze of fresh-squeezed orange juice). Simply shake the ingredients together, add a salt rim, and your home happy hour is ready to go. After you master the basic version, you can experiment with adding spices, fresh herbs, or fruit.