7-year-old CEO of Black-owned business Lily Frilly is ready for back-to-school shopping

Lily Adeleye, 7, is the chief executive officer of kids accessories brand Lily Frilly. You might have seen her colorful lunchbox, backpack and hair bow designs online or at one of many big box stores across the country —. because, yes, this pint-sized, princess-loving professional locked down a major distribution deal before most kids her age were learning to multiply. In fact, at a mere 6 years old, Lily became the youngest CEO of a Black-owned business to land such a deal at Walmart. And that was a year after landing one at Target. “I wanted to start Lily Frilly because I wanted all girls to feel special, happy and beautiful,” Lily told In The Know via email. Lily has built quite a loyal community, with followers across social media who flock to her website, purchase her products and even sign up for live events. Lily has some inspiring advice of her own for budding entrepreneurs:. “I would tell them that no matter what happens to you, you can’t give up,” she said. “You have to keep going and be positive”