These 9 Genius Reddit Theories May Have Solved ‘Yellowjackets’ Biggest Mysteries

These 9 Genius Reddit Theories May Have Solved ‘Yellowjackets’ Biggest Mysteries

The only things more fun than watching Yellowjackets are (1) watching Jeff’s Papa Roach car meltdown and (2) mining for fan theories on the Yellowjackets subreddit, a happy place populated by extremely intelligent citizen detectives who should probably be recruited by the FBI for their sleuthing skills. We’re only a few episodes into Yellowjackets season 2, but fans have already crafted genius theories that, honestly, answer the show’s biggest mysteries. Let’s dive in.

The Javi Tunnel Theory

This theory from u/murderousbitch postulates that Javi is secretly alive and living in a series of underground tunnels—and there’s actual evidence. First up, that moment in the season 2 premiere when Natalie and Travis find a tree with melted snow and fresh moss around it (indicating some kind of heat source).

a still from yellowjackets,
Courtesy of SHOWTIME

Plus, let’s not forget that when Lottie was baptized in season 1, she had visions of herself in what appeared to be an underground cement tunnel.

courtney eaton as teen lottie in yellowjackets, “saints” photo credit michael courtneyshowtime
Michael Courtney

Theory Status: TBD

The Mine Shaft Theory

This one was actually posted last year, when Redditor u/boreleafclover (who also credited u/bo174 and u/eshmeem) suggested the show’s omnipresent symbol is actually a map to a hidden mining shaft:

“The circle is a sun, the lines and triangles are overlapping mountains. The hook is the actual mining shaft.”

The theory also suggests that Dead Cabin Guy was the mine’s owner and—perhaps most interestingly—that the “Wish You Were Here” postcard seen in season 1 could suggest other survivors were trapped in the mine and didn’t get out.

Theory Status: TBD

The Mineral Deposit Theory

This theory (which has been touched upon by several Redditors, including u/boreleafclover) postulates that the Yellowjackets are camping out in an extremely mineral-rich area. This could be responsible for causing some of their hallucinations and strange behavior. Redditor u/justaguyinqueens speculates the ground specifically has cinnabar in it, aka “oxidized mercury that is used in a number of industrial processes.”

They also note that “cinnabar crystals are a bright red,” and as we know, the Yellowjackets found a “river of blood” that they attributed to Lottie’s visions. Considering the girls are drinking water from the ground, they very well could be suffering from l0w-grade mercury poisoning.

close up of cinnabar
Casual close-up of cinnabar we found on Getty, you’re welcome!DE AGOSTINI PICTURE LIBRARY - Getty Images

Theory Status: TBD

Taissa’s Hallucinations/Dirt Theory

Riffing off the mineral poisoning theory, there’s also speculation that the long-term effects from eating dirt with mercury could explain Taissa’s hallucinations as an adult. As u/haveone-onme notes, Tai “might be eating dirt because her body is craving nutrients and minerals.” The only issue? Tai was experiencing hallucinations (specifically of the no-eyed man) when she was a kid.

jasmin savoy brown as teen taissa in yellowjackets, “saints” photo credit michael courtneyshowtime
Michael Courtney / Showtime

Theory Status: TBD

The Alchemy Symbol Theory

All the ingenious mining theories led u/theflyingwhisker to do a deep dive on alchemic symbols, and they discovered the Yellowjackets symbol could be derived from old alchemy charts—and it’s a warning to others that the mineral is present in the ground around them.

This theory also speculates that Dead Cabin Guy passed away from being poisoned and carved “the symbol in front of him as a warning.” But the coolest part of this theory? Its connections to Rome….

a still from yellowjackets, “blood hive” photo credit kailey schwermanshowtime
Kailey Schwerman / Showtime

Theory Status: TBD

The Rome/Greece Theory

u/theflyingwhisker’s theory also notes there’s a door in Rome called the Porta Alchemica that has very similar markings to the Yellowjackets symbol—including the hook.

magic door to the park of piazza vittorio rome lazio italy
UCG - Getty Images

On top of this, u/redfive525 points out that multiple episode titles have Greco-Roman references, including “Friends, Romans, Countrymen,” “Edible Complex,” and “Qui,” the latter of which they note is inscribed on the Porta Alchemica.

This citizen detective also noticed the “Greco-Roman Bacchanalian feast” vibes in episode 2. Truly, IT’S ALL COMING TOGETHER.

Theory Status: TBD

The Shauna-Is-Behind-It-All Theory

This one comes from u/gonzojackofalltrades, who speculates that Shuana has been the ringleader this entire time and is “orchestrating a return to the wilderness.” As they note, Shauna’s been “living the life that she predicted for Jackie in their last fight and literally creating a new Jackie in the form of Callie.”

melanie lynskey as shauna in yellowjackets season 2 photo credit kimberley frenchshowtime
Kimberley French/SHOWTIME

They also explain that Shauna “feels most alive when she is transgressing against societal norms” and speculate she sent the postcards to her fellow Yellowjackets *and* embezzled from Jeff’s business to stir things up. Not a lot of proof on this one, but definitely fascinating.

Theory Status: TBD

The Ritual Theory

This one comes from u/sourkandi420 and focuses on the potential ritual the Yellowjackets eventually lean into when it comes to killing/eating someone (like Pit Girl). Per the theory, Misty poisons a portion of soup prior to a hunt, everyone eats, and the poisoned person falls asleep.

“The other girls would then take that girl’s clothes, swapping them out for the nightgown and putting the necklace around her neck. They would then leave her in the cabin to wake, likely much after all the other girls have staked out hunting spots outside. The poisoned girl would wake up, wearing the nightgown and immediately knowing their fate.”

Definitely would explain Jackie’s necklace being around Pit Girl’s neck!

Theory Status: TBD

The Card Pull Theory


This theory from u/let_em_talk is actually derived from a mini spoiler dropped by Melanie Lynskey and Sophie Nélisse during a Bustle interview.

As the theory notes, Sophie tells Melanie (when asked what trait would help her survive in the wilderness), “If you were to pick that card to get killed, we’d be like no, let’s just give it to someone else.”

This seemingly confirms that the “ritual” or “hunt” that leads to Pit Girl’s death is “determined by drawing cards.” Which, if true, MY MIND IS BLOWN.

Theory Status: TBD

Lots to think about here! We’ll be adding to this list as the series progresses and updating everyone on the status of these theories as season 2 plays out.

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