7 Fashion Faux Pas to Avoid

By Michelle Scanga


When it comes to your personal style, you can get away with almost anything. (After all, who’s to say you can’t wear whatever you want, whenever you want?) But there are a few fashion faux pas we think every girl should try to avoid. From leaving the house with a wrinkly blouse to squeezing into a pair of shoes that are a size too small, here’s what not to do in your quest to live a truly stylish life. Read on to see if you’re accidentally committing one of these faux pas!



Sure, a closet stashed with designer clothing and accessories sounds like a dream come true, but does a high-end wardrobe automatically equate to enviable covetable style? Our answer: No. To have truly covetable style, it doesn’t matter which brands you wear, it’s all about the look and personal style you create.



We’re all for recreating an inspiring outfit every now and then, but stealing someone’s personal style or signature look entirely is another story. If you’re still searching for your signature style, our nine-step guide is a great place to start!

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This one’s simple: If the shoes don’t fit, don’t wear them.

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When it comes to testing out trends, take it easy and stick with one trend at a time. Otherwise, you might just look as if you’re trying a little too hard.



In the world of accessorizing, less is (in most cases) always more. The fewer accents you have on, the more impact the ones you are wearing will make.

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Our advice? Seek out a go-to tailor you can count on so your clothes always fit as they should.

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Before you put your clothes on, take a look to see if your blouse or trousers are wrinkled. Quickly ironing or steaming your clothes can transform your look, taking you from sloppy to polished in an instant.

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