7-Eleven’s Slurpee Push Pops Were Basically Made For '90s Kids

Joseph Neese
Photo credit: @snackgator - Instagram
Photo credit: @snackgator - Instagram

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In the dead of summer, there is no greater feeling of accomplishment than walking into a well air-conditioned 7-Eleven and heading straight to the row of giant Slurpee machines to pour yourself an ice-cold beverage. From Blue Raspberry to Coca-Cola to Mountain Dew Citrus, you don't have to sacrifice on flavor to keep things chill.

I always grab the largest size available, because any of the aforementioned flavors are delightful. But if you're looking for a fun new way to enjoy a Slurpee without having to schlep around a huge cup, skip the iconic machines and head straight to the freezer section. Friends, your favorite drink also comes in push-pop form.

"7-Eleven is totally our snack stop. They have a little of everything there, and their snacks are freaking delicious. One of our summer season staples is these Slurpee Cherry Cola Push Tubes!" Instagrammer @SnackGator, who alerted us to this find, wrote. "Yep—these are the Push Pop of this decade, and the perfect way to tote around a little Slurpee in a fun way (because that's basically what it is)."

If this isn't enough to shake you to your core, we also recently discovered that 7-Eleven sells a cotton candy topper that serves as a Slurpee garnish. Because the cotton candy won't dissolve, it peacefully floats above your drink until you're ready to take a snack. Thus, it's like a brain freeze prevention tool, since you can alternate between sips of your frozen drink and bites of room-temperature candy.

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