7 Clear Signs That a Dog Has Imprinted on Their Human

Here's what to look out for!

The bond between dogs and people is unlike anything else, especially once an animal learns to trust people. Sometimes, though, pets can take this special bond to a whole new level. Dogs can imprint on people--which is a fancy way of saying that they get extremely attached.

There are tons of ways a dog can show their love, but there are a few specific behaviors do indicate imprinting. According to TikTok user and dog mom @digitdax, these 7 behaviors are signs that a dog has imprinted on their human.

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Aww, the little Dachshund in this video is so sweet, and she does a great job of showing each of these imprinting behaviors. Clearly, @digitdax and this doxie girl have a close relationship!

Of course, they aren't the only bonded pet and owner on this side of TikTok. @Itaalianstallion said, "The last part hit hard. Mine always licks the tears off my face until I stop crying and weighs himself down on me." That's beyond precious! We're sure it makes a world of difference to have a little friend by your side when you're down, too. Funnily enough, though, several commenters report that their dogs aren't so willing to comfort them.

"Stoppp this is so precious," wrote @floral_queen1. "My dog does everything but comfort me when I’m sad. She avoids me." Aww! We suppose no dog can excel at everything, so emotional support must not be your pup's forte. And that's okay! Every dog shows affection, trust, and love in their own special ways, so try not to play the comparison game. Your fur baby is perfect exactly as they are!

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