This $7 Best-Selling Kitchen Tool Will Clear Up Your Countertops & Cupboards In Seconds

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In our quest to build a Nancy Meyers-worthy kitchen, there’s always a trade-off between function and aesthetics. You want all your daily-use (or most-days-use) appliances out on the counter where you can see them, but you don’t want your countertops looking like one big power strip with long lines of electrical cords snaking their way back to the nearest outlet. Luckily, there are kitchen organizing tools that can solve nearly every problem including this one, and you don’t have to choose between lugging out your coffee maker or air fryer from a cupboard every time you want to use it or staring at their cords all day. Amazon is currently selling a $7 set of wire organizers that you can stick on just about anything and de-clutter your surfaces in seconds.

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These FOMAJI wire organizers are sold in a set of six and currently have over 600 five-star reviews on Amazon, where you can snag the whole set for under $10. These small silicone attachments come in a variety of colors and have adhesive backing so you can stick them directly on to your appliances, winding the excess cord around each side in a neat loop and then securing the plug in the middle slot. If you stick these organizers on to the back of your appliances, your cords will be totally hidden from view, and securing the end of the cord means you never have to worry about the wire unspooling from its loop.

If your appliances don’t have a clear surface for sticking these organizers onto, you can also attach them to your wall near an outlet, creating a neat and intentional space where each plug is mounted and wiring is tidily stored.

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One big tip from reviewers: Make sure to let the adhesive adhere to the surface you’ve put it on for six to twelve hours as the brand recommends before using them to secure cables, or you risk the glue not holding up to the job. After that initial waiting period, you should have an attractive organizing solution that one shopper says she wishes she’d “had for the last 20 years.”

“I used them on my Kitchen Aid mixers, toaster, rice maker, slow cooker, and food processor,” one reviewer shares. “Definitely recommend! They stick really well, they bend slightly so their easy to use. Oh and the colors matched my appliances perfectly.”

Another shopper raves that these are “so much neater and easier” than other cord-cleaning solutions, and many more report that their kitchens look “much nicer” without those pesky cords. If you’ve been eyeing loose cords with irritation for a while, this organizing set could help you upgrade your whole kitchen aesthetic at an affordable price.

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