The 7 Best Hookup Apps for Hot Boy Summer

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Fellas, are you ready for Hot Boy Summer? You should be. If you’re ending this quarantine and entering summer 2021 single and ready to mingle then boy, do we have some good news for you. So is, like, every other single person on this planet right now. We’re all horny and we’re all ready to smooch post-quarantine. That being said, there’s never been a better time to get on one of the best hookup apps if you haven’t done so already.

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Although we’re truly ready to get back out there and meet people face to face, the majority of us are lacking social skills we lost over the course of the past year. For real, we thought we’ve been itching to meet strangers out in the open, but since mandates have begun lifting, it’s been a bit awkward. The best hookup apps dismiss that unwanted awkward first conversation with a heated DM slide instead, allowing for matches and messages to get more ballsy and to the point.

When using the best hookup apps, it’s smart to remember that you should not be an asshole. For real. The person on the other end of your conversation is still a person, and even though there is a screen barrier between the two of you doesn’t mean you can be a dick. Don’t go all willy nilly and explain in-depth about all of the best sex toys you want to use with said person if they’re not about it. Play by the rules and keep it casual and consensual — not rude and overbearing.

Whether you’re looking for a summer fling or numerous bodies to add to that weird list you keep in the notes section of your iPhone, check out the best hookup apps for the summer below.

And, just as a reminder, if you find yourself using the best hookup apps, make sure you’re getting regularly tested for STDs and STIs so you can have safe, consistent fun. Now, onto the apps.

1. Tinder


We hate to give it the number one spot since it’s so obvious, but hey, it’s well-deserved. Tinder has been a staple to both modern love and sex culture for the past few years for a reason. If you’ve used the app before (which we know you have), you’ll already know that, like, everyone and their mother is on here. No matter which side of the court you play for or even if you find yourself somewhere in the middle, Tinder is a breeding ground for casual sex. You already know the deal, swipe right on people you think you might have a connection with, then when you match, get chatting. Whether you’re looking for a quick one-night stand or someone you can play around with for the entire summer, you’re sure to find them easily here.

Tinder hookup app
Tinder hookup app

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2. Pure


Occasionally, those using the best hookup apps might feel a little shameful due to them not wanting to pop up for friends, family members or coworkers also on the app. If you’re too afraid to see someone you know, let us introduce you to Pure. Pure is the anonymous hookup app of hookup apps. It doesn’t link to social media the same way other hookup apps do, you can stay completely unidentifiable if you choose and chats disappear after 24 hours. You can choose to be the best or worst part of yourself on Pure and even satisfy your dirtiest sexual fantasies with the right person.

best hookup app Pure
best hookup app Pure

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With some of the best dating apps, it’s hard to get straight to the point. For example, there’s no way to know whether someone is looking for a relationship or a quick fuck on Tinder unless they either mention it in their bio or tell you through conversation. Thankfully, DOWN is an app that quickly lets folks know what exactly it is they’re looking to do with you. With each and every match, you let the person on the receiving end know what you want to do with them, whether it be “date” or “hookup”. Yeah, you choose each and every time. So, if you’re just looking to hook up (which we know you are), make sure you choose “hookup” every time you make a match to make things easier for both parties.

best hookup apps DOWN
best hookup apps DOWN

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4. Grindr


Anybody who uses or has used Grindr will know it’s not the “best” gay dating app in the world, but we’re all going to have to agree that it’s stellar for hookups. Grindr, like Pure, is a totally discreet way to hook up. It’s made for gay, bi and bi-curious men looking to partake in casual sexual encounters that range from, well, really all across the board. You can message whoever you want on your “grid”, a system that places profiles of people closest to you at the top. Because it goes by distance, this makes it especially easy to have a quick, easy hookup that won’t make you travel miles and miles away.

Grindr best hookup app
Grindr best hookup app

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5. Feeld


Feeld is one of the most inclusive dating apps to exist. It caters to just about anybody looking for a casual hookup, whether you’re straight, gay, bi, pan, curious, poly — whatever. It’s really great for those looking to date and hook up together with what they call “couple accounts”. You can make these accounts with your significant other, a curious friend or just about anyone down to have some fun with you and somebody else. It’s really easy to start a group chat unlike other hookup apps and allows for total privacy, so you can feel free to be your wildest self. Or, selves.

Feeld hookup app
Feeld hookup app

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6. Thursday


Wondering why it’s called Thursday? Well, this brand new dating app (that’s only currently available in New York and London, mind you) is only accessible on, you guessed it, Thursdays. Thursday just launched on May 6th, 2021, making it one of the newest dating apps on the market. You’re only able to converse and make your plans on Thursday and the app is invite-only, so it gets relatively selective. The premise? Secure a date or a hookup in 24 hours’ time, or wait a week and try again.

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Thursday hookup app
Thursday hookup app

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7. Bumble


If you know Tinder, you probably know Bumble. Bumble is essentially the same thing as Tinder. You swipe right on people you’re interested in and left on people you’re not. But, there’s a twist. With Bumble, the ball is in the woman’s court to make the first move in 24-hours. If she doesn’t, that’s that. You don’t talk. It’s that simple. It gives women the ability to play their cards the way they want to and makes men wait until they’re ready, which is kind of iconic if we do say so ourselves. For queer dating, Bumble still works but it essentially works exactly like Tinder. Like, exactly like Tinder.

Bumble hookup app
Bumble hookup app

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