The 7 Best Crystals For Anxiety Will Banish Negative Vibes & Protect Your Energy

If you’re currently struggling with fear and nervousness, let me put you onto some of the best crystals for anxiety, because adding these shiny rocks to your stress-relieving arsenal can be an easy and noninvasive way to calm yourself down. Crystals are so much more than something beautiful to look at, because they contain a powerful combination of energies that can enhance your life in myriad ways.

You might be skeptical that crystals have magical properties that can actually reduce your anxiety, which is understandable. However, crystals are some of the most magical tools that a witch can have, as they contain the power of all four elements—fire, earth, air, and water. These elements are the basis of what makes our world alive and using these elements with intention can lead to powerful results, especially if you’re aiming to manifest a better future and reclaim your connection with the present.

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In her book The Modern Witchcraft Book of Crystal Magic, Judy Ann Nock explains: “The minerals and elements that crystals are composed of have been found everywhere from microscopic organisms to the human body and even in the stars. Witches know that this displays how everything is connected—from the tiniest living beings to celestial objects.” Once you realize that crystals radiate the same magic that you do, it’s easy to understand how they can influence and mesh with your own personal aura. And if you’re interested in learning what every single crystal can do for you, make sure you check out this highly informative book.

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The 7 Best Crystals For Anxiety

Anxiety stems from a fear for an uncertain future and can be exacerbated by spending time around people who drain your vitality and by not adequately protecting your peace from negative influences. Using the right crystals to combat anxiety can flush these stressful energies from your system and form a forcefield of protection around you. Here are seven of the best crystals for anxiety:


Overthinking can easily lead to a negative thought spiral, one of the most pervasive forms of anxiety. Selenite is one of the best crystals for clearing your head and allowing you to see things clearly, removing the stains of stressful energy in your psyche like a gentle bleach. This crystal—which is considered an “angel stone”—acts like a purifier for everything that surrounds it. In fact, you can even use selenite to cleanse your other crystals, and because selenite can be used as a chalk, you can also use it draw a circle of protection around you.

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If you had to pick one crystal with all-encompassing powers, it would have to be amethyst. This crystal heightens your intuition and opens your crown chakra—a.k.a. your portal to other dimensions—all while keeping you grounded at the same time. Not only does amethyst keep you more centered and increase your connection to the spirit realm, but it is also an incredibly protective crystal that repels external energies that deplete you. As for me, I always wear an amethyst ring on my right hand for protection.

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Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz

There’s a reason that cuddling with your pet or someone you love can instantly reduce your anxiety. Feelings of love can raise the oxytocin levels in your body, which inevitably leads to less anxiety. Rose quartz is the crystal version of a calming hug, as this bright pink gemstone can do wonders for your self-esteem and increase the level of romance in your life.

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If you were to ask a crystal expert what their go-to rock would be for combatting anxiety, they would probably reach for lepidolite. From ancient China to indigenous America, this crystal has been used to calm, soothe, and center the mind for thousands of years. Rich in lithium mica, this gemstone literally contains the same minerals and properties that are used to make anxiety-relieving medicine in the pharmaceutical world. Whether you have a prescription or not, you can try meditating over a rock of lepidolite.

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Howlite is one of the best anxiety-reducing crystals out there. Even the white marbled color of this borate mineral is enough to calm your mind. Howlite is so good at relieving stress that it’s one of the most highly-recommended crystal for sleep issues and insomnia. If your anxiety is so bad that you’re tossing and turning at night, you’ll want to add howlite to your crystal collection immediately.

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If you’re dealing with some heavy-duty anxiety, tourmaline is your best bet. This protective crystal acts as a boundary for negative vibrations, repelling them before they have a chance to affect you. And if you’re currently dealing with rising levels of panic, tourmaline absorbs the bad energy from your spirit so that you no longer have to deal with it. Tourmaline also gives you a stronger self-confidence and strengthens your resolve so as to prevent anxiety in the future.

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Smokey Quartz

If your anxiety is affecting your mind, body, and overall wellness, smokey quartz will help alleviate pain that arrives as a result of stress. Too much anxiety can lower your immune system and leave you feeling exhausted, but smokey quartz works to gently lower your stress levels and promote strength in your physical body. Smokey quartz is connected to the root chakra, which keeps you grounded and centered, as well as capable of protecting and providing for yourself.

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