7 Beauty Traditions We Learned from Our Moms

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Our moms have taught us so much over the years, and let’s face it, we continue to learn from them to this day. For many of us, our beauty journeys began with our moms as we watched and learned from her routines early on, and gathered her wisdom in the process. Below, seven PureWow staffers share the beauty practices they learned from their mothers that have officially become a tradition.

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1. Hair Check

“My fam was big on stylish hair, so my mom would always tell us to check the back of our hair with a hand mirror in the bathroom mirror reflection. It works like a charm every time.” says Liv Kappler, Commerce Editor. “Another one my mom preached was flipping your head upside down while drying your hair to add volume and using a round brush!”

2. Embrace Your Brows

“Even though I grew up in the heyday of skinny brows, my mom always told me never to mess with my eyebrows. It’s been almost 30 years and I’ve never ever tweezed, waxed, threaded, etc., and I could not be happier. My brows are one of my favorite features and I owe that all to my mom’s fear-mongering,” Sarah Stiefvater, Senior Editor, tells us.

3. Cleansing Is Key

“My mom taught me to wash my face every night—no excuses! I also remember as a kid when she showed me how to rub Cetaphil on dry skin to remove mascara and makeup, then wash it all off. She always emphasized using a really delicate cleanser, because it works without stripping your skin. That's something I still live by to this day (though I've graduated from Cetaphil as a makeup remover because micellar water is life),” says Dena Silver, Fashion Director.

4. No Excuses

“I learned from my mom to use a face cleanser in the mornings and evenings. Her go-to is Ponds Cold Cream Cleanser, so I used that for a while, but now I use Cetaphil Face Cleanser. S(and sometimes I would dampen a washcloth under cold water to get that cooling effect,.),” revealed Danielle Beckford, Resident Copywriter for Branded Content.

5. The Importance of Anti-Aging

“Growing up, I remember talking with my mom and sisters about how my grandmother always had the most beautiful, smooth skin. It turns out that her secret to having a beautiful complexion was Estee Lauder's Revitalizing Supreme+. I've never thought twice about using anti-aging products, but I'm investing in every product in their line if that means that I can look half as beautiful as she did in her 80s!” says Stephanie Meraz, Editorial Assistant.

6. Don’t Forget Your SPF

“My mom and grandma always told me to wear SPF. It's not groundbreaking, but definitely has taught me the importance of healthy skin. My mom also said to ‘how off your differences, don't hide it!’ I had beauty marks and a lot of freckles that I never thought were ‘pretty’ so I would cover them up, but I learned from her that by embracing the difference, you embrace what makes you special,” says Kate Kesselman, Growth Resident.

7. The Power of Routine

“Ever since I was little, moisturizing has been essential,” notes Chelsea Candelario, Assistant Editor. “Dry skin runs in the family, so it was always important to moisturize the body every single day. The Aveeno Daily Moisturizer has been a staple in my family for years. After a nice shower, I apply this lotion to keep my skin hydrated and smooth all year round. I simply can’t begin my day without keeping my body (and face) moisturized and that’s all thanks to my mother for instilling this beauty routine in me.”

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