At 69, Jane Seymour’s Abs Look Next-Level Amazing In A New Instagram

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Photo credit: Jane Seymour / Instagram
Photo credit: Jane Seymour / Instagram

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  • Jane Seymour, 69, just showed off her toned abs in a new Instagram photo.

  • She shared the post on #NationalDayofEncouragement with a sweet caption for fans.

  • Jane has been practicing Pilates for 30 years and loves eating tons of veggies.

Jane Seymour is 69. Why is that relevant? Well, she just posted a pic on Instagram where she legit looks like she's in her twenties.

"Today is #NationalDayofEncouragement and in case nobody has told you recently, I am PROUD of you! 🥰," Jane captioned her abs-tastic post. "We are collectively experiencing these difficult times but you are overcoming obstacles day by day. Share some encouragement with the people in your life and tag them below!"

In the pic, Jane is standing next to a ton of raised garden beds, while working a black sports bra and leggings. Her arms are raised in the air, she’s smiling broadly, and it’s kind of impossible to miss the fact that her abs look fierce.

People definitely noticed. "And we are thankful for you ❤️😘 You look A M A Z I N G," one person wrote in the comments. "You look TWENTY😱👏🏼😱👏🏼😱👏🏼," another said.

The legendary actress usually keeps her abs under wraps in her Instagram posts, but dang, Jane!

Well, FYI, Jane didn’t get those abs by accident. She’s big into Pilates and has shared a few Instagram posts of herself using a Gyrotonic machine. According to the Daily Mail, Jane has been a devotee of the practice for 30 years. And yeah, it shows.

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Last workout for 2016

A post shared by Jane Seymour (@janeseymour) on Dec 31, 2016 at 4:27pm PST

Jane is also big on growing her own veggies (and eating them). In one Instagram video, she lifted a massive tray of fruits and vegetables that she says she grew in her own garden. "Garden fresh, really healthy—this is how I keep fit," she said.

And, while Jane says she’s dabbled in Botox, she’s not interested in having it again. "I tried Botox but didn't like it," she told The Express. "I could see it in my face and I can see it in other people too... I'd rather be the best I can be at the age I'm at."

Jane is healthy living goals, for sure.

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