68 dogs rescued from ‘hoarding situation’ in Indiana

68 dogs rescued from 'hoarding situation' in Indiana
68 dogs rescued from 'hoarding situation' in Indiana

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Last week, officials in Bloomington, Indiana rescued 68 dogs from a home they described as a “hoarding situation.” Now, the massive influx of dogs has community shelters asking for help.

On March 17,  according to The Herald-Times, animal control officials rescued 68 dogs living in a house on Bloomington’s west side. The operation included the Bloomington Police Department, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department’s Animal Management team, and Bloomington Animal Care and Control (BACC). Altogether, the group of dogs consisted of adults and puppies. Unfortunately, the veterinary staff present euthanized one dog due to old age and multiple health issues.

According to the report, authorities were responding to concerns filed by someone who bought a dog from a person living at the house. Furthermore, a local shelter received ten dogs from the safe property, just one day before the police arrived. Altogether, this meant almost 70 dogs were living in the 700-square-foot property.

Rehoming these dogs will take a community-wide effort

After officials removed the dogs from the property, the next step was finding space for them. At a nearby shelter in Brown County, staff waived adoption fees to help free up space for the incoming dogs. However, these are just emergency measures, not long-term solutions. 

In a press release, Bloomington city officials are asking for community members to help by fostering dogs in the shelter’s care. Additionally, area shelters are taking monetary donations as well as toys or bedding. 

Unfortunately, scenarios like these are becoming more common in rescue shelters nationwide. In fact, it’s just one reason why, starting this year, the city of Bloomington decided to ban retail dog sales. However, Republican State senators are pushing back, saying animal rights groups are infringing on the open market. 

Although Bloomington’s ban isn’t threatened by current political debate, it’s worth asking at what cost market forces should remain undisturbed. For rescue dogs in Indiana, bans like these could mean a world of difference.  It’s also worth asking whether buying dogs is ethical at all, considering how many dogs are in need of good homes.


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