At 64, Madonna Wows With Sculpted Legs in Fishnets in an IG Pic

At 64, Madonna Wows With Sculpted Legs in Fishnets in an IG Pic

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  • Madonna just dropped a photo on Instagram that provides a little behind-the-scenes look at her prep.

  • The singer showed off her sculpted legs in fishnets (and some KT tape) as she posed for the photo.

  • When it comes to her health, Madonna swears by a macrobiotic diet and loves doing Pilates.

If there’s one thing you can depend on in this world, it's Madonna's uncanny ability to mix it up in the fashion department. I mean, I'm talking about the woman who managed to popularize the cone-shaped bra, after all.

Her latest fashion risk? The 64-year-old superstar rocked sexy black lingerie with fishnets and... KT tape. In case you're not aware, KT Tape, or kinesiology tape, is an ultra-flexible, adhesive tape created in the 1970s that you apply on your skin to support your tendons, joints, and/or muscles.

In a photo Madonna shared to her Instagram Story, viewers can see Madonna rocking a slinky black corset, fishnets, and a collar with an M on it. But on her knee, you'll also probably spot some bright blue tape. Is this a fashion statement? Is Madonna’s knee bothering her? The fans need answers, Madge!

Here's a peek at the pic in case you missed it on her Instagram story:

madonna legs fishnets kt tape instagram photo
Madonna shows off her toned legs in fishnets on her Instagram Story.Madonna - Instagram

The Queen of Pop hasn't made clear why she needs sports tape, but it's clear that she is definitely super strong these days. And if you’re wondering what the "Like A Virgin" singer does to get so toned, you’ve come to the right place!

For starters, Madonna is a big fan of Pilates, and the star has even shared her exact routine on IG (in case you want to follow along, too). She has her very own Reformer at home, which will definitely help you fit your workout in, no matter how busy you are during the day. The machine targets Madonna’s legs and booty, per the pop star’s Instagram, and it looks like she adds in some arm pull movements to make sure she really targets her triceps.

Of course, Madonna dances a lot, which is a great way to fit some fun cardio into your daily routines. One of her personal trainers, Marlyn Ortiz, is a dancer, choreographer, and aerialist, so I'm sure Madonna is making sure she learns all the best moves—on the ground and in the air.

The two also prioritize recovery. Ortiz was there to help Madonna recover from her knee surgery and a hip replacement in 2020. Foam rolling for the win!

When it comes to fueling up for all that dancing and exercising, Madonna swears by the macrobiotic diet, per Women's Health Australia. This particular diet emphasizes vegetarian meals and plates chock-full of whole fruits and vegetables. This type of diet can also incorporate some vegan items, too. Sounds pretty nutritious and yummy to me!

Clearly, Madonna is killing it. Now BRB I’m going to find some KT tape.

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