60 of the Best Anniversary Ideas To Celebrate Your Love

Do you have an anniversary coming up? Whether you've been married for quite some time or you're getting ready to celebrate your first year together, anniversaries are an extremely exciting event to celebrate. Anniversaries should not be taken lightly! After all, you are doing far more than acknowledging your commitment to one another. It's basically telling your partner, "I choose you, and I want to continue to choose you."

If you're on the hunt for anniversary ideas, we've scoured the Internet for 60 of the best ways to celebrate your deep love—no matter what year of your relationship you are celebrating. The truth is, you don't have to have a large budget or live in the coolest spot to enjoy your anniversary together.

Perhaps you're looking to splurge and treat your partner to a luxurious vacation or Michelin-star restaurant experience. On the contrary, if you and your partner prefer a calmer night in, there are anniversary ideas below that prove just as fun—like movie nights or online mixology classes. Find the best anniversary ideas below and come back to this list for the years to follow.

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Best Anniversary Ideas



1. Bed & Breakfast

Head off to a romantic Bed & Breakfast for a cozy anniversary trip.

2. Boat Ride

Ship off at sunset (or sunrise, if you're early risers) for a beautiful and breezy excursion.

3. Amusement Park

Are you and your partner adrenaline junkies? Take on all of the roller coasters and thrilling rides that your nearest amusement park has to offer.

4. Museum

Museums are ideal for a low-key and relaxed vibe. Find a local park and have a picnic after you indulge in the arts.

5. Vineyard Tour

Whether you make a trip to Napa Valley or find a vineyard closeby, vineyard tours allow you to expand your knowledge on wine while tasting all the delicious offerings.



6. Cruise

Embark on the high seas for a cruise getaway! The best part about cruises is that everything you need is close by and you don't have to do much thinking once you've planned it.

7. Sports Game

If you and your partner both have a bond over the same sports team, head to a game and cheer them on all night long. The best anniversary gift is a win, after all!

8. Jazz Club

Dress to the nines and enjoy a classy evening of cocktails and jazz music. It's a great way to people-watch, too.

9. See an Opera or Play

So, jazz isn't your style? You can still indulge in the arts and dress in your Sunday best by snagging tickets to the opera or a play that's in town. Enjoy a nice dinner before the event.



10. Hike

Get those hiking boots on and get ready to move! Watch out for poison ivy.

11. Local Food Tour

It's a crime to not take advantage of delectable local cuisine if you live in a flourishing area for foodies. Research what local food tours may be available to enjoy many flavors on the same night.

12. Take a Vacation

Book a jet-set getaway as far away as you wish. Whether it's a cabin trip in the mountains or a lush Italian vacay, you and your partner are bound to enjoy the time together as you celebrate your anniversary.

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Romantic Anniversary Ideas

13. Recreate Your First Date

What could be more romantic than reminiscing and recreating your very first date? Look how far you've come since then!

14. Couple's Spa Day

Nothing is steamier than couple's massages and a relaxing day at the spa.

15. Ballroom Dancing

Learn the proper techniques together as you both gracefully swoop around the room.

16. Hot Springs

Hot springs are far superior to hot tubs and jacuzzis. Feel any stress melt away as you enjoy the hot springs that Mother Nature provides.

17. Stargaze

Set out a blanket in a patch of grass with some lanterns and snacks. Lay down with each other and look at the beautiful stars above. Just make sure you're away from the city bustle so you can actually see them!

18. Hot Air Balloon Ride

As long as you or your partner don't have a fear of heights, there are few anniversary ideas more romantic than a hot air balloon ride.

19. Read Your Vows

If you're married, re-read your wedding vows to each other.

20. Fancy Dinner

One of the most classic ways to celebrate an anniversary is by indulging in a fancy candlelit dinner. Head to a spot you wouldn't usually eat at and enjoy the special occasion.

21. Staycation

If there's not enough time to take a full-blown vacation, staycations work just as well. Find a nice hotel in your area and act as a tourist for the weekend.

22. Botanical Garden

Botanical gardens are beautiful and entry is very inexpensive. Stroll around the gardens at sunset.

23. Beach

Drive to the beach for a warm day in the sun and sand.

24. Rooftop Picnic

Maybe, you live in a high-rise apartment with a rooftop. Secure a spot, lay out a blanket, prepare some food and beverages and enjoy a romantic rooftop picnic.

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Fun Things To Do For Anniversary

25. Comedy Club

Enjoy a night of laughter at the comedy club. Just make sure you and your partner aren't in the hot seat! Unless you're into that, of course.

26. Cooking Class

Maybe you're an aspiring home chef looking to improve your craft. Book a cooking class for you and your partner!

27. Volunteer

What better way to bond than by volunteering for a good cause? Find a local shelter or trash cleanup to help out at.

28. Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a great way to expand on communication and teamwork, as you have to be hooked up to each other and help each other out as the opposite climbs. Teamwork makes the dream work!

29. Ikea Hide and Seek

Ikea is huge, and you and your partner can bring out your childlike wonder with a game of hide and seek inside of one.

30. Ice Skate

Coordination and balance aren't required to enjoy an ice skating anniversary date. The more you fall, the more you can help pick each other back up!

31. Concert

There are always concerts and festivals coming to different towns. If you and your partner share a love for a band, singer or D.J., cop tickets and celebrate your anniversary vibing to good music.

32. Karaoke Night

No good concerts or festivals coming to town? Make your own music! Even if you're tone-deaf, singing your heart out at karaoke is guaranteed to be good fun.

33. Arcade

Remember how much fun arcades were when you were younger? Now, there are adult arcades that have all your favorites while serving food and alcohol.

34. Group Fitness Class

Most group fitness studios offer their first class free. Check out a new exercise modality and get your sweat on together.

35. Run a Race

Do you and your partner enjoy going on runs together? Sign up for a race, like a 5k, 10k or half-marathon and run it together.

36. Plant a Garden

Have you always dreamed of farming your own fruits and vegetables? Or, cultivating beautiful flowers in your backyard? Plant a garden together and watch it grow as your relationship continues.

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Anniversary Ideas at Home



37. Make Dinner Together

Who's to say you have to go out to enjoy dinner together? You can easily gather ingredients and make a nice dinner together at home.

38. Hire a Private Chef

If neither of you are cooking pros or you just want to take a load off for the night, hire a private chef to wine and dine you.

39. Scavenger Hunt

Put together a cute scavenger hunt around the house and unveil cute surprises for your loved one.

40. Photoshoot

Grab your camera or hire a photographer to give you the gift of an anniversary photoshoot. The memories will last a lifetime!

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41. Movie Night

Is there anything more cute than putting together a blanket fort and enjoying a cuddly movie night together? Each person gets to pick a movie. Don't forget your popcorn!

42. Home Spa

Spas can be a bit pricey, but you can easily mimic one at home. All of the essentials, like facemasks and massage lotions, can be found at local stores.

43. Game Night

Fire up the friendly competitive spirit with a game night. Grab all your favorite board and card games for a fun night in.

44. Backyard Camping

If your home has space, pitch a tent and go backyard camping! You don't have to go far to enjoy the stars and time in nature.

45. Online Mixology Class

Online classes have become all the rage in recent years, and what better way to celebrate your anniversary than with an online mixology class? Craft a cute, custom cocktail together and drink it every year to follow.

46. Backyard Picnic

If backyard camping sounds like too much of a commitment, spread a blanket outside for a romantic backyard picnic.

47. Painting Contest

Do you and your partner have a knack for painting? Find an online inspiration picture and see who can best recreate it.

48. Workout

Put together a spicy workout circuit and get your sweat on together. Burpees, please!

Cute Anniversary Ideas



49. Road Trip

Adventurous spirits, unite! Pack up your bags and fill up your gas tank for a cross-country road trip.

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50. Trapeze Class

As long as you're not afraid of flipping around in the air, taking a trapeze class is a unique way to celebrate your anniversary.

51. Fruit Picking

Depending on where you live and what produce is in season, check out local U-pick farms. They allow you to pick your own fruit and take it home with you to enjoy!

52. Bonfire

Whether it's a beach bonfire or a backyard bonfire, cozy up and make some gooey s'mores together.

53. Create a Joint Bucket List

When you've been in a relationship for so long, things can get stagnant and you may unintentionally cease to make as much of an effort. Creating a joint bucket list of things you want to experience together can help exit that rut.

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54. Chocolate and Wine Tasting

Grab several bottles of wine and loads of chocolate variations for a decadent-tasting event.

55. Puzzle Night

Puzzles are a fun way to bond and work together. Plus, if you don't feel like heading out for a night on the town, this can be just as much of a treat.

56. Write Each Other Letters

Lay out your most vulnerable feelings and wish each other a happy anniversary in a romantic way.

57. Play "We're Not Really Strangers"

"We're Not Really Strangers" is a card game that asks deep questions and encourages individuals to get to know each other. There are various expansion packs, including ones for romantic partnerships.

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58. Make a Memory Scrapbook

Print out all of your memories from the past years and fill them up in a scrapbook. Instagram may not last forever, but scrapbooks can.

59. Learn an Instrument

You may not have the talent to formulate a couples band...yet...but, learning how to play an instrument together is a good start.

60. Helicopter Charter

Book a temporary escape and see the most gorgeous sites that your city has to offer.

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