6 unusual pregnancy cravings straight from TikTok moms-to-be

No pregnancy is complete without food cravings. Experts say that hormones, a heightened sense of smell and taste and certain nutritional deficiencies are all factors that lead to pregnancy cravings.

Popular cravings include fast food, pickles and fruit juice. But some pregnant parents-to-be have taken their cravings to new heights and invented recipes that are a bit more, shall we say, unique. Here are six of the craziest pregnancy cravings from around the internet. Maybe don’t try these at home!

Candied pickles

Posted by TikTok user @foreverberries, this recipe for candied pickles calls for putting pickles on a stick and covering them in a hard candy shell and crushed-up sucking candies. They sort of look like corn dogs, but they are definitely NOT corn dogs.

Pickled beets

Nothing against pickled beets, but they’re not necessarily the first thing people reach for when they’re craving a tasty snack. But according to @johannawestbrook, she went through jars of the stuff while pregnant. Remember, this is a judgment-free zone!

Ice cream and chips

User @jessiesayhey shared one of her go-to pregnancy cravings: Crushed-up Takis chips mixed into vanilla ice cream. She even makes a cute little arch design with the chips on top. Like all good pieces of art, this dish actually looks pretty good, even though it’s hard to understand.

Beef jerky with caramel

TikTok couple @thekirkhams19 did a short series where they tried their followers’ strangest pregnancy cravings. This sweet, meaty treat definitely qualifies. According to the Kirkhams, it wasn’t actually so terrible.

Pickles and ice cream

Posted by @harlie-turner, this unique snack combines two of the most classic pregnancy cravings: salty, briny pickles and creamy vanilla ice cream. What could go wrong?

Animal crackers and mustard

TikTok user Naomi Risken asked for her followers’ weirdest cravings, and someone commented “animal crackers with mustard.” As you can see from Naomi’s reaction, this snack was not all it was cracked up to be.

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