6 tips for a COVID-friendly Halloween

Halloween is upon us again and while we want kids to have a ghoul time, it’s critical they stay safe amidst the ongoing pandemic. In the video above, lifestyle expert Anna De Souza shares the most eerie-sistable items for a COVID-friendly Halloween, with some picks that are safer and cheaper than candy!

Video Transcript

ANNA DE SOUZA: Halloween is upon us again. And while we want kids to have a spooky good time, it's critical they stay safe amidst the ongoing pandemic. Here are the most irresistible Amazon products for a COVID-friendly Halloween.


Keeping kids safe from street traffic and within their pandemic pod is a priority. And that's why trunk-or-treat gatherings are so popular this year. It's easier than you think to dress up your car for the occasion too with this themed kit that's equal parts creepy and cute.

This trick-or-treat bag is a super festive way to adhere to the CDC's 6-foot social distancing recommendation. The extended handle even features monster claws. And this size works for all ages. So kids can snag their treats safely and in style.

You can save some major bucks this year by handing out fun bulk items instead of just candy. These party sticks have over 11,000 glowing reviews, come in six different colors, and last up to 14 hours. They even include connectors to make bracelets, necklaces, glow toys, and more. At $0.07 a pop, it's super affordable. So you can toss more than a few into each trick or treat bag.

Glitter slime is a huge trend, and it's a cavity-free treat for kids. This 48-pack, which comes in all colors of the rainbow, is under $20. And the squishy, slimy texture is a hit even for the over-12 crowd. Other parents will definitely be tossing you an elbow bump of approval.

This fidget spinner and bubble pop hybrid combines two super satisfying sensory experiences in one. So you can keep little fingers occupied when the sugar rush kicks in. These toys have over 1,500 five-star ratings and come in several cool tie-dye patterns. I'm hooked.

With over 1,000 five-star reviews, these flashing rings are sure to be a hit. Not only will they help keep kids safe from traffic as the sun sets, but the gummy texture and the bright lights offer a fun sensory experience. Now, that's a treat. What are you adding to your Halloween shopping list this year? Let us know in the comments below. Happy Halloween.