6 Shows Like ‘Never Have I Ever’ That’ll Remind You to Call Your Best Friend

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Warning: Spoilers ahead for Netflix’s Never Have I Ever season 1. Raise your hand if you also watched Netflix’s Never Have I Ever in under five hours. As we wait for season 2 of Mindy Kaling’s rom com, at least we have these shows like Never Have I Ever on Netflix to keep us satisfied.

Never Have I Ever, which premiered on April 27 and is created by Kaling and Lang Fisher (her screenwriter on The Mindy Project), follows Devi Vishwakumar, a 15-year-old Indian-American from Sherman Oaks, California, who’s as uncool as one can expect from a teen rom com. While a lot of Never Have I Ever is about Devi’s romantic ventures (especially with her crush Paxton Hall-Yoshida), the show also explores Devi’s relationship with her...

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