I Seriously Think Miley Cyrus Included These Hidden Messages In The "Flowers" Music Video, And I Love Her Even More For It

1.The release date

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2.The opening lyrics

Miley Cyrus in the "Flowers" music video with the lyrics "built a home and watched it burn."

Miley also starts the song off in a gorgeous gold outfit, but what really catches attention in this verse is the lyric, "built a home and watched it burn." This lyric is a clear connection to the devastating California wild fires in 2018, when Miley Cyrus and at-the-time fiancée, Liam Hemsworth, lost their home. Not only was this a hard time on the couple, but Miley revealed in an interview with Howard Stern that that fire may have been the reason the couple decided to get married. Sounds like the perfect place to start off the songwriter's breakup song to us!


3.Her black suit

Miley Cyrus in the

A drastic change from her golden outfit, Miley Cyrus is seen later in the music video showering and then putting on an oversized men's suit. This black suit seems oddly familiar as a staple in Liam Hemsworth's wardrobe. It even sparks memory of a lover's spat the two had at the Avengers: Endgame red carpet premiere, when Miley is seen scowling at Liam and pushing his hand away.

Miley Cyrus / Via Columbia, Jon Kopaloff / Getty Images

4.The house

Miley Cyrus in the Flowers music video

The house where Cyrus dances, swims, and exercises in the music video also has some theories surrounded it. First, some fans believe that this is the house where Liam Hemsworth may have cheated on Miley during their relationship (any cheating allegations have not been confirmed by either Cyrus or Hemsworth). Others speculate that the house is the Studio City home that Cyrus had purchased herself in 2011 as a symbol of her independence. Either way, it's clear that this filming location was NOT a coincidence.


5.The chorus

"When I Was Your Man" music video screencap

As many people have pointed out, the newly released "Flowers" featured a chorus that sounds oddly familiar to Bruno Mars's "When I Was Your Man." Miley seems to even respond line by line to Bruno Mars's chorus with the exchange of Bruno singing, " I should've bought you flowers" and Miley responding with, "I can buy myself flowers."


6.And the melody

photo of Gloria Gaynor's record

Bruno Mars's "When I Was Your Man" is not the only song fans have linked to Miley Cyrus's new release. In fact, the song also samples Gloria Gaynor's breakup classic "I Will Survive." Could this be another message from Miley Cyrus to her ex Liam Hemsworth?


Although neither Miley Cyrus or Liam Hemsworth have not responded to these theories about "Flowers," some of these details just seem too good to be a coincidence! Let us know in the comments what you think!