6 Impossibly Cute Outtakes of Kids in Weddings

Tracy Robert

April fools! We don't have the scoop on any celeb wedding ;)

But while you're here, how about some impossibly cute photos of kids being, well, kids in weddings?

Leave it to the littlest flower girl to add a lot of sass to the photo!

We laughed out loud at this photobombing ring bearer. Strike a pose, buddy!

This girl is all of us who have been in a wedding, to be honest. We just want to sit down!

That pouty lip! The blue steel gaze! Yep, we're definitely showing this to his future wifey.

You know he has been practicing his CHEESE face for weeks. Nailed it!

We can only hope this was taken after the formal portraits! Thanks for indulging us! Here's to more kids — and more outtakes — at weddings!