6 Guys Dish on the Bridal Looks They Find Most Sexy

by Jillian Kramer, BRIDES

Photo: Courtesy of CNP Montrose

It’s only natural to want to look good for your guy — especially on your wedding day. But if you don’t want to spoil the big day reveal, how can you know if he’ll like you’re overall look? While we likely didn’t ask your fiancé, we did question a few men on what looks they’d like to see on their future wives. Hopefully, you can use what they had to say when planning your own wedding day attire!

The Dress
“I went to a wedding once where the bride wore a backless dress,” says one man. “The front was conservative, but the back was open all the way down to her waist. That look is sexy because it shows a lot of skin without giving away anything too intimate.”

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“I know — or so I’ve been told — that it’s trendy to wear a blush wedding dress, but I really want the woman I marry to walk down the aisle wearing white,” says another guy. “I think I’d have a very deep, visceral reaction the second I spotted her in a traditional white dress, like, that’s my wife. And that’s a sexy thought.”

“Lace,” sums up another. “What can I say? Lace makes me think of the other lacy things I hope she’s wearing underneath!”

The Makeup
“I wouldn’t want my wife to wear any more makeup on our wedding day than she does every other day,” says one guy. “That’s the look I love, and that’s the woman I’d want to see shine through when we’re exchanging our vows.”

“My only request is no dark purple lipstick,” says another. “It may look sexy, but all I would think about is, is that going to get on my face when we kiss? And that worry kind of takes all the sexy right back out.”

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“My fiancée has the most beautiful eyes, and I think she looks sexiest when she wears makeup that accentuates that,” says one more. “Maybe even a cat-eye. Is that still a thing? Because that would be awesomely sexy.”

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