6 Buzz-Worthy Coffee Cocktail Recipes That Are So Simple to Make

Betty Gold
·3 min read

6 Buzz-Worthy Coffee Cocktail Recipes That Are So Simple to Make

Channel your inner barista and bartender with one of these delicious drinks that are sure to wake up your happy hour.

If you're someone who craves coffee all day long, you're not alone. I can barely get my slippers on without a piping-hot mug of pour-over—and once I start, I'm often sipping some form of coffee until I move on to wine in the evening. Whether it's cold brew, a cappuccino, or a dirty chai latté, I've come to consider coffee my elixir of life.

Recently, I've realized there's a way to keep the buzz alive all evening long: By swapping my glass of vino with an espresso-spiked cocktail. Coffee and booze are a match made in heaven, seriously—the perfect blend of caffeinated warmth plus spirited spice to power you through the holiday season. Whether you want to spruce up your wintery brunch with a cool mug of Irish iced coffee, cozy up with a classic coffee Old Fashioned, or end the day with a smooth espresso martini, there's something here to quell your craving. And remember: If you're sensitive to caffeine later in the day, just swap in decaf. (We'd never judge.)

Espresso Martini

This cooling cocktail combines just three easy ingredients: espresso, coffee liquor, and simple syrup. Freshly brewed espresso is best here—just make sure you give it time to cool off in the refrigerator so that it doesn’t melt all your ice. BTW, it’s very easy to adjust the sweetness of this cocktail by varying the amount of simple syrup—we recommend starting light and increasing to suit your palate, or even leaving it out entirely for a more bitter cocktail.