Bourbon Drinks That Beat the Heat

We’ll admit it: we’re a little obsessed with summer, what with all the three-day weekends and opportunities for day drinking. And we’re really obsessed with summer drinks: icy gin and tonics, refreshing shandys and tumblers of bourbon. Wait, what?

Yes, bourbon. If you are like most people, you think clear spirits are for summer and dark spirits are for nursing during the bitter-cold months. Not so: there’s a world of bourbon-based summer sippers to help you cool off.


Mint Julep

The Mint Julep is most often associated with Kentucky Derby, which is a shame, because the Derby only lasts two days.

The Julep, with its mountain of ice, is a perfect drink for all summer long, whether you’re at a pool party or lounging on your porch at sunset.

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Hard Water Presbyterian

While the classic Presbyterian is great for summer (not to mention incredibly easy to make), consider bartender Erik Adkins’ dressed up Hard Water Presbyterian (Hint: it has handmade ginger syrup.)

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Bulldog Smash

A fruity, summery spin on the traditional Smash, the award-winning Bulldog complements the Bulleit bourbon with fresh muddled peach and mint.

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Bourbon Rickey

Ah, the Rickey. If you’ve ever been to Washington, D.C. in the summer, then you’ll understand why it was the birthplace of this sublimely refreshing, easy-to-make drink.

Though its gin cousin is more well known today, the Bourbon Rickey is perfect for the sweltering dog days of summer.

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Brown Derby

This classic—invented in Los Angeles during Hollywood’s heyday—is a surprisingly refreshing combination of grapefruit juice, honey and bourbon. Mix one up for your next evening cook out.

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Forbidden Sour

Ever since Eden, we’ve known that forbidden fruit is that much sweeter. And this enticing mixture of pomegranate and bourbon is no different (well, except that it grants you a ticket into—rather than out of—paradise).

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