6 Bedroom Items You Should Never Throw Out, According to Pros

<p>Alexandr Dubynin / Getty Images</p>

Alexandr Dubynin / Getty Images

When tackling a major organization project like a bedroom clean out, it can be tempting to immediately part ways with anything that you don't anticipate you'll use again. You may feel compelled to do so to free up space as you continue to sort and feel as though you're making some tangible progress in the space.

However, professional organizers caution against immediately saying goodbye to several types of bedroom items, noting that they can easily be reused elsewhere or may end up coming in handy down the line.

Below, experts chime in with six things you'll likely come across during a bedroom clean out that you won't want to say goodbye to ASAP.


While it may be tempting to part ways with unused hangers in the middle of a major closet clean out, Heather Peters, the founder of Simply Organized Spaces, suggests holding onto yours for a bit longer—especially if they're good quality.

Keep them at least until your clothes sorting project is complete rather than throwing them away piecemeal, just to truly be sure you won't find another use for them. If not for hanging clothes, consider reusing hangers to display art or even organize craft supplies that are lying around.

"Nothing is more annoying than having to spend money on something you had plenty of," Peters says.

<p>Alexandr Dubynin / Getty Images</p>

Alexandr Dubynin / Getty Images

Storage Bins or Ottomans

If you complete a bedroom organization project to find that you're left with some empty storage bins or storage ottomans, do not sell or donate these items quite yet. As Stacey Flood, a professional organizer and the founder of Stacey's Organizing Solutions, says, you can easily other types of items—such as throw blankets or pillows—inside of these receptacles.

Additional things to store inside ottomans and bins include sheets, towels, and off-season shoes or sandals, just to name a few. Create your very own organizational system by using a label maker to mark which bin is what.

Linen Bags

The bags that your sheets originally came in when you purchased them may seem like they don't have much additional use, but it's time to begin thinking a bit outside the box. Natasha Swingler, the founder of Effective Spaces and the author of Creating Effective Spaces: Declutter, Organize and Maintain Your Space, finds that these make for excellent travel bags.

"You can store them in your suitcase and then when it’s time to travel, put shoes in them, use them as a laundry bag and so much more," she says.

Single Socks

There's nothing worse than being stuck with one single sock because its partner has disappeared. However, you can still give a solo sock a new life instead of parting ways with it entirely. First, Swingler suggests, washing your sock, filling it with Epsom salt, and beginning the process of turning it into a scented sachet of sorts.

"Add in your favorite essential oil, tie the sock, and place it in the wardrobe or drawer for a fresher smelling space," she says.

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Kinga Krzeminska / Getty Images

Classic Silhouettes

Certain clothing and furniture items are truly always in vogue, so if you come across these pieces in your bedroom or closet, think twice about getting rid of them.

"The only things we're bullish on not throwing out are classic pieces, like an elegant black blazer or a vintage chair in a timeless silhouette," Ashley La Fond, professional organizer and founder of home organization company Of Space + Mind, says.

"Unless they are beyond repair, timeless pieces should be held onto," she says. La Fond adds that their shape and material will never go out of style.

Things That Belong to Others

While cleaning out your child's bedroom or the room you share with your partner, be mindful to incorporate that person into the organization process so that everyone is on the same page about what can stay and go.

"We're all about editing, but believe people should make their own choices when it comes to their belongings," La Fond says. "Unless they are damaged or broken, don't throw out things that don't belong to you!"

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