At 57, Paulina Porizkova Is ‘Embracing Age’ While Showing off Gray Hair in New Pics

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Paulina Porizkova Shows off Gray Hair at 57Craig Barritt - Getty Images
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  • Paulina Porizkova recently shared a stunning gray-haired photo to Instagram.

  • She used the post as an opportunity to reflect on what “aging gracefully” means for women.

  • “As your inner power grows, your wrinkles reflect the time you’ve spent getting more powerful,” she wrote.

Paulina Porizkova certainly isn’t one to shy away from the reality of aging. Whether she’s sparking a widespread #oldandugly movement or discussing the effects of ageism, the 57-year-old supermodel has been known to speak her mind and bare it all on Instagram. Now, she’s using her Instagram to share her thoughts on aging while showing off her gorgeous gray hair in snaps from a Vogue Scandinavia photoshoot.

Specifically, Porizkova discusses “aging gracefully” which often refers to “preserving your youth. Or at least, look like it,” she discusses in the Instagram post. “Or—remove yourself from the world to sit and ponder the past while you serve those in need. Well, so, yeah. F*ck that. Aging is the privilege of living a long life. You can fight it or accept it. But there is a third choice. Embrace it,” Porizkova continues in the caption. “Embracing it means both acceptance and battle. Accepting there are inevitable changes on the inside and the outside. And both are valuable. As your inner power grows, your wrinkles reflect the time you’ve spent getting more powerful.”

She then goes on to discuss denial and the mental aspect of aging. “Fighting is better spent not on the denial of age, but rather putting it to work. Fight to keep your body healthy. Fight to stay curious and flexible. Fight the shame that’s heaped on you to tell you you no longer matter. Fight to be seen and valued for the person you have become.”

“Here’s to embracing age—for both the good and the bad, because that’s living!” she concludes.

Her message certainly resonated with fans. “Saving this post. THANK YOOOOU. I need to read these wise words, again and again,” one fan wrote. “Aging is definitely not for sissies. You are inspiring.” Another commented “Thank you for using your voice. Thank you for teaching me and empowering me. You rock. 🙌,” while one fan added “Thank you! I needed this today and every day ❤️.”

Porizkova continues to be an example of self-acceptance and is known to regularly call out anti-aging culture. The pro-aging activist even welcomed 2023 with a makeup-free, filter-free selfie Instagram photo where she once again showed off her gray hair and wrote: “Here is to a new year and the unknown. Here’s to embracing change. Getting wiser, getting older, getting bolder. Happy New Year all of you. ❤️”

And, a few months ago the supermodel sat down with Maria Shriver for a powerful discussion about aging where she said that she is “not ready to be dismissed” at the age of 57. “With assurance, I can say that yes, [pro-aging] is for all of us,” she told Shriver.

Time and time again, Porizkova’s unrelenting confidence and wisdom continue to inspire us—here’s to following in her footsteps and embracing ourselves at every age.

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