At 56, Salma Hayek Shows Off ‘White Hairs and Wrinkles’ in Makeup-Free Selfie

At 56, Salma Hayek Shows Off ‘White Hairs and Wrinkles’ in Makeup-Free Selfie
  • Salma Hayek shared a close-up of her “white hair and wrinkles” in a new makeup-free selfie.

  • She took the snap after waking up to count how many of each “crashed the party.”

  • The 56-year-old boldly shares all sides of herself with the world and follows a simple skincare routine to maintain her glow.

Salma Hayek has boasted some super glamorous looks over the last few months—wearing a naked dress for the premiere of Magic Mike 3, a plunging purple gown for the Cannes Film Festival, and a red tulle ballgown for the Met Gala. But the star’s latest Instagram unveils her duality—in a makeup-free selfie, Hayek shows off the “white hairs and wrinkles” you don’t always see on the red carpet.

The extreme close-up shot pictures Hayek’s brown eyes, nose, and forehead. Wispy silver flyaways peek through the brunette strands framing her face. “Me waking up and counting how many white hairs and wrinkles have crashed the party this morning,” she candidly captioned the post.

Although she didn’t reveal a grand total, her followers loved the authenticity. “Thank you for sharing! It helps all of [us] to see that even the most beautiful and famous also age ❤️,” one person commented. “You’re just a real natural human being and that beautiful! Thank you 👏,” another added. “Natural beauty is ageless💚💚,” someone else wrote.

Looks aside, at 56, Hayek reflects on aging as “beautiful.” She told Glamour in February that all of her preconceived notions about getting older were wrong. “I thought getting older meant I wasn’t going to work; I’m working,” she said. “I thought getting older maybe meant that you’re not in love anymore; I’m in love. I don’t feel that I lost my flexibility or my agility or even my strength. I do have to say that I have found it beautiful, getting older with someone.”

Hayek thinks that, frankly, “everything” gets better with age, she told Glamour, which explains why she exists so freely, whether she’s fully decked out in camera-ready glam or snapping a makeup-free swimsuit Instagram—another type of photo she shares often because she finds it “liberating,” she told Entertainment Tonight in 2021. “I have no shame on it,” she added.

As for skincare, she keeps it simple and natural—and relies on kitchen ingredients like coconut oil to remove makeup and cleanse. “Then I use rose water to take off the residuals,” she told The New York Times in 2017. She also never washes her face in the morning, so as not to wash away “all the oils that your skin needs to look youthful,” she told British GQ in February.

As evidenced by her latest close-up, the simplicity clearly works.

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