52 Easy Thanksgiving Appetizers to Warm Up Your Appetite

Thanksgiving is a marathon of eating and cooking, and it's of the utmost importance to be prepared. That means planning out all of the components of the meal, from the morning snacks to the pre-dinner apps. While we often dedicate most of our attention to preparing the bountiful Thanksgiving dinner, the earlier hours of the day should certainly not go unnoticed. Kick off Thanksgiving dinner in style with these simple, light appetizers. We've collected our favorite party appetizers that are easy to prepare and won't fill your guests up before you make it to the turkey. You can make lots of these dips and finger foods in advance, like our Classic Pimiento Cheese and Smoky Black-Eyed Pea Hummus, so all you have to do the day of is scoop it into a bowl and set it out on the table. From sophisticated Potato Puffs to indulgent Rotel Sausage Dip, we have appetizers for every Thanksgiving mood or theme. Looking for a healthier option? Try our Baked Zucchini Fries. These Thanksgiving appetizers will help you tide the crowd over before the much-anticipated evening meal. Ward off those pre-meal munchies and gear up for the main event with these Thanksgiving appetizers.