50 Ways to Cheer Someone Up Because, TBH, We All Need it Right Now

Taylor Andrews
Photo credit: john francis
Photo credit: john francis

From Cosmopolitan

Given the current global circumstances, it’s fair to assume that people are having a moment. Not only is a pandemic upon us, but we’re navigating Venus Retrograde, fantasizing about Joe Exotic’s eyebrow ring, and wondering if love actually exists (RIP, Kristin and Jay). Honestly, I’ve never related to Adele’s Rolling in the Deep lyrics more than I have right tf now.

Obviously, I'm not the only one feeling all of the feels. And if your group chat has been radio silent, or your BFF just hit a rough patch at work, or you sense that anyone you love is having a sad time, you can make their world a teensy bit brighter.

Also, FWIW, being an MVP doesn't require much money or more effort than it takes to perfect your winged eyeliner—and I'll prove it. Here, ideas on how to cheer up your friends, family, and significant others amid a low-key weird time.

30 Things You Can Do to Cheer Someone Up Right Now

  1. Make them a Spotify playlist.

  2. Send them a $5 Venmo with the coffee emoji. (Just know that it will probs go toward an outstanding Venmo request and not a latte, though).

  3. Buy them Corgi socks because you know they love Corgis…and socks. link?

  4. Watch Outer Banks with them via Netflix Party Chrome extension so you can sync up and chat about how there’s no way in hell John B. is 16.

  5. Get on FaceTime and collage a vision board together. BTW, we won’t be mad if you do some damage to your Cosmopolitan. We're honored.

  6. Learn a TikTok dance together.

  7. …Record said TikTok dance and publish to the app for potential fame, fortune, and business deals.

  8. Write them a letter.

  9. Bake them banana bread.

  10. Bake them cinnamon swirl bread.

  11. Bake them sourdough bread.

  12. Bake them chocolate chip cookies.

  13. Okay, surely you see where I’m going with this: Bake them anything. Literally anything.

  14. Send them a cute DIY mask you made from actually cute fabric.

  15. Buy one of those foot peel mask things for their haven't-had-a-pedicure-in-months feet.

  16. Order them no-contact delivery pizza.

  17. Host a DIY "vacation" night on Zoom with cocktails and Bob Marley tunes.

  18. Play Animal Crossing together.

  19. Binge old The Bachelorette seasons together because why—and I cannot stress this enough—not?

  20. Together, create a list of why Adam Driver is attractive.

  21. Make their bed in the a.m.

  22. When they’re in the shower, put their towel in the dryer so it’s all warm and toasty when they get out.

  23. Cuddle. (Yes, this applies to friends, moms, boyfriends, etc. It’s good for the soul.)

  24. Buy them cheap blue-light glasses because you care about their eyeballs.

  25. Tie-dye old sweatshirts or sweatpants together.

  26. Complete a squat challenge together.

  27. Browse your local pet adoption center just because.

  28. Okay, now co-foster a dog. You know you want to.

  29. Do everyone’s birth chart. Carole Baskin, your ex boyfriend’s cousin’s best friend, literally anyone.

  30. Get on FT and do a DIY face mask using only things you can scrounge up in your kitchen (careful though).

10 Things You Can Text Someone to Instantly Cheer Them Up

  1. “Hey, I’m ordering pizza. Do you want garlic butter or ranch?”

  2. “Omg, can’t wait till we can do this again [INSERT PICTURE OF YOU DOING SOMETHING FUN]”

  3. “Wow, it’s like my phone wants me to text you [INSERT PICTURE OR MEME THAT REMINDS YOU OF THEM]”

  4. “We’re soaring, flying. There’s not a star in heaven that we can’t reach.”

  5. “Honestly [INSERT NAME], if Britney can make it through 2007, we can make it through 2020.”

  6. “Can I just say how beautiful you look today?”

  7. “Was just eating a cutie and thought about you.”

  8. “You can’t spell quarantine without ‘U’ ‘R’ ‘A’ ‘Q’ ‘T’.”

  9. “Let’s book a flight to Greece next year.”

  10. “Umm, HELLO. That Instagram pic is actually fire! Wow.”

10 Funny TikToks to Send a Lonely Person

1. A Twilight reenactment I’d pay money to see in full...

2. A major tennis fail...

3. A visual that will never leave your head...

4. A funny peek at relationship dramz...

5. A video only dog owners will understand...

6. A modern airplane love story...

7. The Step Up 7 you’ve been waiting for...

8. A super efficient workout...

9. A prank I need to pull on my dad, like, yesterday...

10. And lastly, a good pupper jamming...

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