50 Tweets From This Month So Far That Make Me Cackle Like An Idiot No Matter How Many Times I Read Them

Half of May is done, so you know it's time for me to share some of the funniest viral jokes on Twitter that you've probably missed. Here are some of the best tweets from this month so far:

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The face I make before I say “fuck is u talkin bout?!” 😭 pic.twitter.com/W2fWa8U9An

— 𝔐⚘ (@CheemaWRLD) May 16, 2023

Twitter: @CheemaWRLD /  Paramount Pictures


5-year-old: Guess what? Today in school someone’s EYE broke open.Me: What???5-year-old: I’m done telling this story.

— Kristen Mulrooney (@missmulrooney) May 16, 2023

Twitter: @missmulrooney


When you trying to sneeze but ya nose playing games pic.twitter.com/mx6kqKHj5P

— 𝔐⚘ (@CheemaWRLD) May 17, 2023

Nickelodeon / Twitter: @CheemaWRLD


Laptop's battery: 1 hour 59 minutesremainingLaptop after 20mins pic.twitter.com/pEA8UszqtV

— Mr Constellation ✨ (@demonvianne) May 16, 2023

Vsauce / Twitter: @demonvianne


Twitter: @notgloh


me while my friends are still laughing at the joke i just told pic.twitter.com/EuCSZl0Zyb

— The Silliest Goose (@emgracedawg) May 7, 2023

Twitter: @emgracedawg


you “notify anyway” bitches will burn in hell.

— ★ kiki!! ★ (@shibukiki) May 16, 2023

Twitter: @shibukiki


😭😭😭 pic.twitter.com/khVaFKCyX5

— Shine 🅴 (@voidstainedme) May 15, 2023

Twitter: @voidstainedme


me when my mom starts being rude to the person that's just trying to do their job pic.twitter.com/SBkmVQ4VNg

— Usman Tariq (@koi_takleef) May 14, 2023

Disney / Twitter: @koi_takleef


i be watching movies like im youtuber reacting to a video

— Aya 𑁥౿ (@ziarastar) May 15, 2023

Twitter: @ziarastar


just watched a man literally flip a coin on a moving train and unblock a contact labeled "ABSOLUTELY NOT" and text them "hey" with a slutty amount of Ys

— Mika (@0pvlent) May 9, 2023

Twitter: @0pvlent


interviewer: what do u bring to the tableme: potato salad if it’s like a family thinginterviewer: i meant to workme: [clearing my throat] i would bring regular potatoes. none of that funny business

— cory (@coolmathgame_) March 28, 2023

Twitter: @coolmathgame_


on god bro we gon get you a mood stabilizer

— jody (@wnbagirlfriend) May 5, 2023

Twitter: @wnbagirlfriend


Nickelodeon / Twitter: @scarletxmars


The stories I used to hear on these tables pic.twitter.com/7Mo7kFWmqQ

— Usman Tariq (@koi_takleef) May 14, 2023

Twitter: @koi_takleef


i respect a girl that will get a coca cola wit dinner like yaa..u like to have fun

— ☆.。.:*-𝘴𝘰𝘺 𝘴ú𝘱𝘦𝘳 𝘥𝘭 (@gwenisonline) May 13, 2023

Twitter: @gwenisonline


me after posting on instagram pic.twitter.com/2zNF774vI6

— 𝕿𝖗𝖎𝖎𝖆𝖉 (@httptrashzy) May 13, 2023

HBO/ Twitter: @httptrashzy


idk why people complain about crime waves. crime is how you keep rent low. everybody wants 90s rent but y’all too pussy for 90s crime

— fiona trapple (@bigsnugga) May 12, 2023

Twitter: @bigsnugga


to a crisp https://t.co/QWbSJ3T82q pic.twitter.com/jwnY8B3S6R

— ʝօʀɖռ’ֆ աօʀʟɖ💞 (@jordnsworld) May 12, 2023

Universal Pictures / Twitter: @jordnsworld


Whenever someone has “ny/nj” in their bio ….Yk where they really live pic.twitter.com/jhagAOmnF0

— BajanBattiBoi 🧚🏾 (@BelovedBaje) May 11, 2023

Bravo /  Twitter:@BelovedBaje



— aperol spritz enthusiast (@uhhmarty) May 12, 2023

Twitter: @uhhmarty

"Those weed pen coughs will knock a tampon out a bitch im not with all that."


Where you live in a pineapple ????? https://t.co/zHDlqYvtmc

— TeeTeeTop (@TierraBrianne_) May 11, 2023

Twitter: @TierraBrianne_


Me every time a friend tells me they went on a date pic.twitter.com/kgahxRGMuR

— Hilton Dresden (@Hiltyhilthilt) May 11, 2023

Fox Searchlight Pictures / Twitter: @Hiltyhilthilt


“I don’t bottom often” pic.twitter.com/4tvuiZHY9U

— 💫 (@heyjaeee) May 10, 2023

Twitter: @heyjaeee


subway footlongs are $13 https://t.co/bkqW7vD56e

— bruce wayne (@4RIESV3NUS) May 10, 2023

Twitter: @4RIESV3NUS


me in my room thinking about how to get rich pic.twitter.com/mEW386BWUU

— Maxine🍒 (@chaesoberrie) May 9, 2023

The CW / Twitter: @chaesoberrie


me after making my bf nut pic.twitter.com/cCS2Xb5FzU

— QAnon Load (@badbussy_) May 8, 2023

Twitter: @badbussy_


stop normalizing the grind and normalize whatever this is pic.twitter.com/2AJCjb3DqX

— yayodiary (@yayodiary) May 7, 2023

Václav Čtvrtek / Twitter:@yayodiary


when i put “???” In a conversation, this is exactly my face behind the phone pic.twitter.com/uLNrAT4JlZ

— Maxine🍒 (@chaesoberrie) May 8, 2023

DreamWorks / Twitter:@chaesoberrie


Some guy just woke me up at my train stop when I was headed home from work and was like hey I know this is your stop because we’ve talked on Grindr before. And that? That’s community honey

— Josh Cotham (@JoshuaCotham) May 8, 2023

Twitter: @JoshuaCotham


my boyfriend had to redo some of his law school applications bc he checked yes to LGBTQA he thought A stood for ally 😭😭😭😭😭😭

— Grace (@gracecamille_) May 17, 2023

Twitter: @gracecamille_


please don’t make me pay bills i’m just a 23 year old teenage girl

— clare (@sadlizards) May 17, 2023

Twitter: @sadlizards


when u get home from work and fully zone out scrolling thru ur phone for entirely too long that’s called your zoney baloney hour and everyone is entitled to at least 1 a day

— 𝕤𝕦𝕟𝕗𝕝𝕠𝕨𝕖𝕣 (@spinubzilla) May 17, 2023

Twitter: @spinubzilla


Y'all. Why I was tore up in church today. Literally like tore up, ugly crying during service.... WHY in the world would this man sitting behind me tap me on the shoulder and ask me "Did that tattoo on your neck hurt?".... pic.twitter.com/socwaMZLi0

— $aint $mith 🕊 (@SaintSmith_) May 7, 2023

Lionsgate Films / Twitter: @SaintSmith_


This pic got me crying cause why was he doing her like this????? pic.twitter.com/AIBNjsc3Qz

— Unohana ✭ (@jupitersembrace) May 7, 2023

Fox / Twitter: @jupitersembrace


Y’all look at my “plug” pic.twitter.com/eyguEuCGKl

— slo𝖕𝖕y (@sloppytheone) May 6, 2023

Twitter: @sloppytheone


they call me zac the way i be wondering what the efron with me 💯

— big estaban (@bigestaban) May 5, 2023

Twitter: @bigestaban


me tapping his profile that states “NO TAPS” pic.twitter.com/ou1PmgBfy3

— toekneepraysick (@tonypraysick) May 5, 2023

Twitter: @tonypraysick


“Eric, no!” 🤣🧜🏽‍♀️ pic.twitter.com/cQf3jTtVXu

— Black Girl Nerds (@BlackGirlNerds) May 6, 2023

Twitter: @BlackGirlNerds


how you homophobic but you do ketamine

— some kid (@iminthecut) May 17, 2023

Twitter: @iminthecut


me in the mirror when the outfit came out the way i planned it in my head pic.twitter.com/7wzzKQq3TS

— dos (@lowkynumb) May 14, 2023

ABC / CBS / Twitter: @lowkynumb


A girl can curate a mood but it takes a woman to birth a VIBE

— 𓆸 (@evakhahar) May 12, 2023

Twitter: @evakhahar



— robert johnson (@rjohnson344452) May 11, 2023

Twitter: @rjohnson344452


Oh he got my ass.. pic.twitter.com/COq9TygPoi

— possiblykimrichards (@psblykimrichrds) May 10, 2023

Twitter: @psblykimrichrds


I'm done eating edibles why me and my cousin riding around looking for me

— NOONIEE🖤👩🏽‍🎤 (@noonie_2x) May 7, 2023

Twitter: @noonie_2x


Five months into 2023 and class of 2020 still talking about having no prom . HEAL!!!

— jax (@jaxajueny) May 9, 2023

Twitter: @jaxajueny


I know it smelled crazy in there. pic.twitter.com/2LqbspOYqA

— Kevín (@KevOnStage) May 8, 2023

Paramount Pictures / @KevOnStage


these guys ar e my guardian angels pic.twitter.com/pkxH7Ku8aW

— matt (@FlimfloomVEVO) May 7, 2023

Twitter: @FlimfloomVEVO


god forbid a woman wants to date a questionable man

— mariana (@pastapilled) May 6, 2023

Twitter: @pastapilled


my mom is a lawyer and when i was like 13 we got in an argument and she accidentally called me "your honour". never really came back from that one.

— Katie Martin (@katiedimartin) May 3, 2023

Twitter: @katiedimartin