50 People Who Immediately Regretted Pretty Much Everything In Their Life That Led To This Moment

My friend, if you just had yourself an absolutely awful month where nothing seemed to go your way, just remember...

1.The person who had the unthinkable happen to them:

u/pranquily / Via reddit.com

2.The person who might just want to turn on the heat:

snow in someone's car with the words, "When you forget to close your sunroof"
u/atillion / Via reddit.com

3.The person who is going to have to play the worst game of bobbing for apples the world has ever seen:

"Whoops" with a paintbrush in a paint can
u/digdilem / Via reddit.com

4.The person who learned one of life's most important lessons the hard way:

People putting bikes on top of a car
u/pxn13 / Via reddit.com

5.The person who is going to see white paint in their nightmares for the rest of their life:

white paint buckets spilled all over the store aisle
u/D0nk3yPunch912 / Via reddit.com

6.The person who's driving a brand new Beans-san Altima:

pot full of chili spilled inside a car
u/rubyfuckingdies / Via reddit.com

7.The person who swears there's a pie in there somewhere:

"tried to add some sesame seeds to an apple pie and..."
u/trued003 / Via reddit.com

8.The person whose pizza went absolutely nuclear on them:

a broken oven and the words "I just wanted to make a frozen pizza"
u/realbestusernameever / Via reddit.com

9.The person who will be forever trapped on their roof:

A ladder on the ground while someone is stuck on the roof
u/amaurer3210 / Via reddit.com

10.The person who got the Michael Scott special at their hotel:

A tiny TV mounted on the wall
u/dyoerdt / Via reddit.com

11.The poor, poor soul who has but one single bean to their name:

A can with one bean
u/jalapena_pinata / Via reddit.com

12.The person whose neighbors never let the party die:

lights outside and the words "new neighbors keep the lights on all the time — it's 2 am"
u/akrolina / Via reddit.com

13.The person who apparently cooked their dang sweet potato in the fires of Mount Doom:

sweet potato burning red hot like a coal
u/vo_xv / Via reddit.com

14.The person who screwed up dessert in a profoundly chaotic way:

A melted pan in an oven
u/tree_basher / Via reddit.com

15.The person whose dress choice will have everyone absolutely buzzing with excitement:

Bees on a dress

16.The person who paid buco dolores to always be reminded of their bad haircut:

A bad haircut
u/aprehensive_berry79 / Via reddit.com

17.The person whose package looks like it's about to be the second person killed in a horror movie:

"Order delivered!"
u/justschmidty / Via reddit.com

18.The person whose lamp is giving them angina:

shadow on the lamp looks like a large spider
u/5_Frog_Margin / Via reddit.com

19.The person who is going to be very upset when they land:

"Someone is going to have a very bad vacation"
u/4lphaZed / Via reddit.com

20.The person whose bananas went skydiving:

bananas hanging from a fruit stand that have peeled by themselves
u/doodsboob / Via reddit.com

21.Ol' Green Foot:

a person with green paint on their foot and the words "I wore open-toed shoes to a wedding and found out they painted the grass green"
u/snuzieq / Via reddit.com

22.The person who learned that the best mornings start with a huge mess to clean up:

coffee all over the car seat and the words "Great start to my morning"
u/squishydonkey / Via reddit.com

23.The person who lost the cookie lottery:

"Dang." and a cookie with only one M&M
u/Tamago-kun / Via reddit.com

24.The person whose gums I am currently praying for:

icy hot next to a tube of toothpaste
u/calculatedrisk / Via reddit.com

25.The person who had this absolutely classic blunder we've all experienced happen to them:

salt all over a desk with the words "I tried adding salt to my sardines and"
u/matija992 / Via reddit.com

26.The person whose hands quite possibly might be allergic to cold:

"My hands don't like the cold."
u/cwajgapls / Via reddit.com

27.The person whose washing machine is up to some shady stuff behind closed doors:

"my washer vibrated so much it blocked the door"
u/zerorozmagika / Via reddit.com

28.The person whose glasses are absolutely cooked:

glasses with glue on them and the words "I got nail glue on my glasses and I don't know how to get it off"
u/i_drink_nyquil / Via reddit.com

29.The person who found a lil' friend in their completely eaten salad:

"There's a caterpillar in my salad" and a box of eaten salad with a caterpillar at the bottom
u/loresusernameistaken / Via reddit.com

30.The person who will never be comfortable pumpin' ever again:

a spider in someone's gas tank and the words "I won't be pumping gas today"
petey_wheatstraw_99 / Via reddit.com

31.The person whose bacon is approximately 97.85% fat:

fatty bacon in a pan and the words "This is the bacon I got sent in my meal-prep box"
u/kategoad / Via reddit.com

32.The person whose protein shake erupted with absolutely incredible force:

shake splattered all over the floor and fridge
u/Annual-Consequence43 / Via reddit.com

33.The person who's going to have to go on a dang expedition to get their package back:

a package on a roof

The note reads, "I accidentally threw your parcel on top of the roof. Use maybe a broom to get it down." NOT GREAT, FOLKS!


34.The person whose corn dogs are more burned than that which resides in Hades itself, folks:

Burnt corn dogs
u/designer_curve / Via reddit.com

35.This poor, gastrointestinally distressed soul:

A sign saying a worker shit themselves
u/WeakWrongdoer9203 / Via reddit.com

36.The person whose big moment was a pyrrhic victory akin to that of the dang Battle of Asculum:

Reddit post where someone said they kissed their girlfriend who then tested positive for COVID

Seriously, folks!


37.The person who learned how to create a whole buncha goop in a short time:

congealed wiper fluid in a motor
u/sayomi_koneko / Via reddit.com

38.The person whose cake would've been a smash hit two years ago:

A cake in the shape of the number 5

39.The person who committed the cardinal sin of quilt knitting:

A messed up knit job
u/ilovemybaldhead / Via reddit.com

40.The person who just so happened to buy the world's strongest melon:

A broken knife in a watermelon
u/illlockstep / Via reddit.com

41.The person who got hot seats in the American Express Jail Lounge:

A fence in front of seats at a game
u/livejamie / Via reddit.com

42.The person who got the deal of a lifetime:

A Sony speaker inside another speaker

43.The person who created an entirely new ecosystem in their fridge in a week:

Moldy dishes in a fridge
u/ssigea / Via reddit.com

44.The person whose bottom I am currently saying a prayer for:

See-through toilet paper

In God's name we pray for your little behind, amen.

u/CoordinatorFightClub / Via reddit.com

45.The person who found a pipeline to the old Eagle Butte Mine at the bottom of their coffee:

"This was on the bottom of my coffee"
u/foodishlove / Via reddit.com

46.The person whose laptop looks like it got spiked by Kerri Walsh Jennings and Misty May-Treanor! Seriously, folks!

I'm serious!

I'm serious!

u/gradians / Via reddit.com

47.The Green Man:

  u/BugsRFeatures2 / Via reddit.com
u/BugsRFeatures2 / Via reddit.com

48.The person who will never, ever be able to look at balloons in the same way:

ring notifications of motion detected at the front door
u/UltraEdits / Via reddit.com

49.The person who will never get that hour of their life back:

"Just spent an hour looking for my drill"
u/Brave1i1toaster / Via reddit.com

50.The person whose stairs look like a dang Jackson Pollock painting:

"I was carrying too much."
u/Marleyyy_S / Via reddit.com

And the person whose apple is quite literally rotten to the core:

My apple is not...good


u/coolboiiiiiii2809 / Via reddit.com