50 Of The Absolute Dumbest Things People Really Said So Far In 2022

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1.On atoms:

person who says atoms don't exist

2.On England:

person who uses the liberian flag instead of american

3.On currency:

person who does not know british pound is a type of currency

4.On stunning sights:

person who says taken a bath instead of taken abaak

5.On seriousness:

sign reading serious injuries only instead of inquiries

6.On preferences:

person who says couples tea instead of cup of tea

7.On foresight:

person who says claire buoyant instead of clairvoyantt

8.On publishing:

person mixing up pamphlet and pan flip

9.On the world's best smell:

someone thinking pou-pourri is spelled poop puree

10.On cookies:

someone calling macadamia nutt michael damien nut

11.On birds of prey:

buzzer reading buzzard

12.On phone damage:

person trying to screenshot their phone to show a crack

13.On language:

person thinking the word aloha is spanish

14.On disagreements:

person who says oh count rare instead of au contraire

15.On manners:

person who says shivery instead of chivelry

16.On relationships:

person who says monogomy instead of mohagany

17.On cannibals:

person saying to eat your own instead of to each your own

18.On movie times:

person mixing up matinee and manatee

19.On comparison:

person mixing up analogy with anal orgy

20.On brain activity:

person saying people using 90 percent of their brains

21.On butts:

person writing distinguish instead of exstinguish

22.On lost phones:

person looking for theeir phone with their phone's flashlight

23.On the letter T:

someone thinking the word teeth starts and ends with a t

24.On illnesses:

someone spelling salmonella sally manilla

25.On the country of Georgia:

someone who didn't know georgia was a country

26.On aunts:

someone who thinks the word entrepreneur is spelled aunt rap runnerr

27.On gas:

person spelling asinine as ass nine

28.On laundry sales:

facebook marketplace add for a washing machine spelling watch her machine

29.On Aaron:

someone spelling errands as aaron

30.On traps:

someone who got their finger stuck in a frosting dispenser

31.On traveling:

someone who thinks they can travel 2000 miles in a day

32.On water supply:

person confusing ocean aand oatt shin

33.On the 1920s:

person mixing up roariing and rolling

34.On goals:

person sayiing new years revolution

35.On blood:

person mixinig up tetanus and tennis

36.On ailments:

perseon spelling asthma as eggsthma

37.On toilet flora:

person saying toilet trees instead of toiletrees

38.On the need for speed:

someone calling a speedometer a speed dominator

39.On the deal of a lifetime:

person trying to sell a used xmas tree

40.On diets:

person mixing up the word carnivore and carnival

41.On defense:

person confusing the word upon and a-pong

42.On temp:

person confusing degrees and the grease

43.On engines:

person saying starch your engines instead of start your engines

44.On Facebook's new name:

person saying meta is an anagram of meat so they don't trust that

45.On dinner:

person saying strum bowling instead of strom boli

46.On comfortable seating:

facebook marketplace add for aa bench that reads branch

47.On women:

person confusing the word orgasm and organism

48.On frights:

person saying heart of tack instead of heart aattack

49.On friends and enemies:

person confusing latter and ladder

50.And on partners:

person confusing granted and grandad

Ain't it the truth.