50 Best DIY Christmas Card Ideas To Make This Year

We’ve rounded up 50 simple DIY Christmas card ideas that you'll love.

Are you thinking about making your own Christmas cards this year? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up 50 DIY Christmas card ideas that all of your friends and family will love.

From simple designs to more complex ones, there are tons to choose from. So no matter if you’re new to crafting or a veteran DIYer, one thing is for sure: if you decide to craft your holiday cards, they are going to make everyone smile this Christmas.

Check out these 50 DIY Christmas cards below from some of our favorite bloggers to get started. After you make a few, you’ll be hooked. Maybe you’ll even want to make crafting Christmas cards a tradition.

<p>I Heart Arts and Crafts</p>

I Heart Arts and Crafts



<p>The Postman's Knock</p>

The Postman's Knock

<p>Happy Stamper</p>

Happy Stamper

<p>Beauty and Beard</p>

Beauty and Beard

<p>Oh Oh Deco</p>

Oh Oh Deco

<p>Molly Moo Crafts</p>

Molly Moo Crafts

<p>Crafts Unleashed</p>

Crafts Unleashed

<p>Crafty Morning</p>

Crafty Morning

<p>Creativity Prompt</p>

Creativity Prompt

<p>Happy Hooligans</p>

Happy Hooligans

<p>The Joy of Sharing</p>

The Joy of Sharing

<p>My Shabby Soul</p>

My Shabby Soul

<p>Gemma Garner</p>

Gemma Garner

<p>I Heart Crafty Things</p>

I Heart Crafty Things

<p>Blue Jelly Stampin’</p>

Blue Jelly Stampin’

<p>Amy’s Paper Crafts</p>

Amy’s Paper Crafts

<p>Damask Love</p>

Damask Love

<p>Lia Griffith</p>

Lia Griffith

<p>Crafting Cheerfully</p>

Crafting Cheerfully

<p>Family Chic</p>

Family Chic

<p>Hands On As We Grow</p>

Hands On As We Grow

<p>K Werner Designs</p>

K Werner Designs

<p>Make and Takes</p>

Make and Takes

<p>Crafts on Sea</p>

Crafts on Sea

<p>Inspiring Kin</p>

Inspiring Kin



<p>The Simply Crafted Life</p>

The Simply Crafted Life

<p>Laura’s Crafty Life</p>

Laura’s Crafty Life

<p>Scrappin’ with DeeDee</p>

Scrappin’ with DeeDee

<p>The Spruce</p>

The Spruce

<p>The Wonder Forest</p>

The Wonder Forest

<p>Mama is Dreaming</p>

Mama is Dreaming

<p>Omiyage Blogs</p>

Omiyage Blogs

<p>Florence Finds</p>

Florence Finds

<p>Granne Med Selma</p>

Granne Med Selma

<p>Mod Podge Rocks</p>

Mod Podge Rocks

<p>One Little Project</p>

One Little Project

<p>My Craft Room</p>

My Craft Room

<p>Style At Home</p>

Style At Home

<p>Hello Wonderful</p>

Hello Wonderful

<p>All That Glitters is Gold</p>

All That Glitters is Gold

<p>The Craft Blog</p>

The Craft Blog

<p>Crafty Morning</p>

Crafty Morning

<p>Cleverly Simple</p>

Cleverly Simple



<p>Easy Peasy and Fun</p>

Easy Peasy and Fun

<p>Beccy’s Place</p>

Beccy’s Place

<p>Tinsel and Trim</p>

Tinsel and Trim

<p>Jennifer Maker's</p>

Jennifer Maker's

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