50 Bee Puns and Jokes That Are Un-bee-lievably Hive-larious

Bumble bee puns and jokes are the bee's knees! Having bees, honey and pollen at the center focus of your jokes causes quite the buzz for folks of all ages. If conversations ever feel dull, you can make them buzz-y again with honey-dripped puns. You don't have to be volunteering at a bee farm to spread the hive-minded hilarity near and far.

Memorize these un-bee-lievably funny puns and jokes to share some laughs with your kids, bee lovers or anyone who will listen! You'll definitely be Queen Bee with these 50 bee puns that will have everyone swarming with laughter!

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50 Best Bee Puns

1. To bee or not to bee, that is the question.



2. You are bee-autiful.

3. Truth bee told.

4. That is unbeelievable!

5. Always bee yourself and do your own sting.



6. The bee couldn't stop eating and became a little chu-bee.

7. You are one in a buzz-illion.

8. Honey is BOGO! Who doesn't love a good free-bee?

9. You and I are meant to bee.

10. Beehive yourself!

11. I would like a side of wasa-bee with my sushi, please.

12. She means bees-ness.



Bee Jokes

13. What is a bee's favorite book? The Great Gats-bee.



14. What vitamins does a bumble bee take? Vitamin Bee.

15. What is a bumble bee's blood type? Bee positive.

16. What did the teacher hand out to the students on the first day of school? A sylla-buzz.

17. What is the bee's favorite band? The Bee Gee's.

18. What kind of hairstyle does a bee have? A buzzcut.

19. What do bees call wasps? Wanna-bees.

20. What did the team do after they won the game? They celebrated with hive fives.



21. Why did the bee have to go to the doctor? It broke out in hives.

22. What do bees call their backup plans? Plan bee.

23. Who is the bee's favorite singer? Bee-yonce.

24. What do you call a bee that's returned from the dead? A zom-bee.

25. What do bees do when they move into a new house? Throw a house swarming party.

26. What do you call a bee that's been put under a spell? Bee-witched.

27. Who looks after baby bees? Ba-bee sitters.

28. What's a bee's favorite sport? Rug-bee.

29. Why are bees good at job interviews? Because they know all of the buzz words.

30. What do bees chew? Bumble gum.



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Honey Puns

31. I'd do honey-thing for you.



32. He had an epip-honey.

33. It's a bright and honey day!

34. No money, no honey.

35. Bees love to go to symp-honeys.

36. If bees had ears, they'd wear honey rings.

37. Honey, comb here.

38. Honey thing is possible if you try.

39. Honey ways, how was your day?

40. Bees are so honey, they crack me up.

Pollen Puns

41. Quit pollen my leg.



42. That behavior is ap-pollen.

43. I can't help pollen in love with you!

44. It's like pollen teeth with you.

45. The bee works for the government. He's a pollen-tician.

46. The male bee was such a hopeless romantic, he kept pollen in love with all the female bees.

47. Bee-lieve me, pollen is nothing to sneeze at.

48. The bee brought tissues to the flower field because of all of the pollen-tears.

49. I'm pollen for this buzzworthy vacation.

50. Bumble bees love pollen-esian wing sauce.

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